Today I'm going to show you how to make a fully working pistol that is easy to make!

You will need
22 cal shell
Liquid nail
Craft glue
Hack saw or wood saw

Step 1: Getting Started

Draw a design on wood the cut out with hack saw.

Step 2: Barrel

Get Hammer and nail hit Nail into 22 shell to make a fuse hole.

Step 3: Taking Shape

Use liquid nail to glue the barrel to the handle.

Step 4: Sanding and Fileing

Start by sanding and Fileing off pencil marks and round edges. Then add craft glue or lacker to handle.

Step 5: Finish

Please comment like follow and I will make an instructable for fuse and gun powder for shooting
I use Armstrong mix so basicly crushed matchws
<p>I'd like to see you fire it. Do you load it with crushed matches or black powder.</p>
<p>OK I would like to see the finished gun</p>
I just want to say that part2 of the knife will be on the weekend and fuse and gunpowder for for pistol will be this week
Waiting fpr follw up

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