Ever want to shoot a pen over 80 ft.? now you can with this new inproved ink shooter.
It is very easy to make and will take about 3 minutes.
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Step 1: Materials

All you need are a few house hold items:

-Normal BIC pen (not a click pen)

-Tape, I used duct tape but electrical tape may be better.

- Wide rubber band (this will shoot the ink tube)

Step 4: Shooting the Ink Tube

-place the ink tube in the pocket rocket as seen in picture 1

-Pull back ...

- Release ( bet if you point it a little elevated for maximum distance)
jmurry13 years ago
I cant get it to work
samshere3 years ago
ok just us a pen that u can take apart by un scuring it (sorry bad spelling ) then take the end of the rubber band and tape it to the end and pull back and shoot
how wide does the rubbeband need to be? Plz tell me :D
make some thing beter
For a 3 min project it is prety good. I didn't think of the pen but I did think of the explotion th power a metal tube.
Colonel885 years ago
Not 80 feet. Nope. Not even CLOSE. More like 20 at MAX at ground level. And it is more of a Launcher than a Rocket. A rocket is self propelled, remember?
timjelly5 years ago
how do you get the end off? you know, the side without the pen part? I tried scissors, but they didn't work
regipalka5 years ago
Elephants Are Fat (author)  regipalka5 years ago
h0l10W5 years ago
nice job!
regipalka5 years ago
peanut farmer of america that ids coltin nice ible