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i like pie more than ANYTHING. I wanted some cherry pie jewelry, but it was so hard to find some that looked good, and didnt cost a fortune. I got inspired by this ring, and wanted to make one ( a pie, I mean). I taught myself how, using teqniques (spell check) from many different tutorials.

For this you will need:
Sculpy (any version works)
~glass beads in the fruit filling of your choice
~un-used bottle caps
~Clear nail polish (you can use Mod Podge if you're a guy)
~small leftover wire
~white puffy paint (optional)
~an oven
~patience ( and a LOT of it)
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Step 1: Making the Crust for your pie

Picture of Making the Crust for your pie
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1)    All pies have a crust. To make one, roll out some sculpy and press it down into the bottle cap. to remove the hangover clay, press the bottle cap upside-down onto the table, and pull away the clay.

2)    To make the redges, press the wire -not too hard- into the ridges of the bottle cap

Step 2: A base for your filling

Picture of A base for your filling
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in real pies, the filling isnt only on the bottom. it rises to the top! so we dont waste beads, we can just add clay, and pretend there is filling there. make a ball with the sculpy, and press it down to where it will fit inside the crust -it dosnt have to be perfect!

Step 3: Making the filling

Picture of Making the filling
For some pies, you want to skip this part. it dosnt mean there will be no filling, you will add it later. If your pie is going to have a weaved top, skip this part. If you are going topless, skip the next step.

To make the filling, press the glass beads into the Sculpy, trying to hide the white. You might have to turn some sideways. Try not to put any on the crust. That is your filling!
malibini (author) 2 years ago
OK, I don't know what my next instructable should be about. Please post what you want me to do!!! :)
malibini (author) 2 years ago
If you decide to make a pie, I'd really like to see a picture of what you made!