i like pie more than ANYTHING. I wanted some cherry pie jewelry, but it was so hard to find some that looked good, and didnt cost a fortune. I got inspired by this ring, and wanted to make one ( a pie, I mean). I taught myself how, using teqniques (spell check) from many different tutorials.

For this you will need:
Sculpy (any version works)
~glass beads in the fruit filling of your choice
~un-used bottle caps
~Clear nail polish (you can use Mod Podge if you're a guy)
~small leftover wire
~white puffy paint (optional)
~an oven
~patience ( and a LOT of it)

Step 1: Making the Crust for Your Pie

1)    All pies have a crust. To make one, roll out some sculpy and press it down into the bottle cap. to remove the hangover clay, press the bottle cap upside-down onto the table, and pull away the clay.

2)    To make the redges, press the wire -not too hard- into the ridges of the bottle cap
OK, I don't know what my next instructable should be about. Please post what you want me to do!!! :)
If you decide to make a pie, I'd really like to see a picture of what you made! <br>

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