I love playing pool! Here is a way to enjoy the game from home!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:

  • small rectangular box
  • green felt
  • 11 marbles
  • hot glue
  • paint
  • 2 dowel sticks
  • toilet paper rolls (optional)

Step 2: Cut Lid Off Box

Pretty easy step. An xacto knife is easier than scissors.

Step 3: Make Marble Holes

Cut six Marble holes into the top lid you just separated from your box. Make sure that they are big enough for marbles to fall through.

Step 4: Make Your Table Top

Use hot glue to insert the top into your box about half an inch down. If you need to use toilet paper rolls to balance the top while gluing. (I was able to do it with out them.) Also make sure the top is level so the marbles do not roll away.

Step 5: Paint and Add Details

You can paint your pool table however you like. I personally chose a traditional style of black with a white stripe. Leave the top of pool table unpainted.

Step 6: Finishing the Details

Glue a piece of felt inside box. Make sure to trace and cut holes before gluing in. Add a couple of wooden dowels, 11 marbles, and your ready to play!

Step 7: Lets Play!

Here's a video of how to play Mini Pool. Hope you enjoy!

<p>I'll make it for my nieces. Love it!</p>
<p>Great idea.</p>
<p>This looks cool, but the top of it might be a little uneven, so it won't play as good.</p>
It plays just fine. Not uneven. My kid loves it!
<p>Do you have two accounts or something?</p>
<p>No my husband has his own account. </p>
<p>Oh, I see.</p>
<p>Is this for real ? Amazing tut OP</p>
<p>what is tut op?</p>
Tutorial (tut) Original poster (OP)
<p>Oh thank you. I will show my daughter your comments. Thank you for the kind feedback. </p>
<p>Very cool project, nice result</p>
<p>That's a neat way to reuse those!</p>
<p>Thank you! </p>

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