Step 2: Assembling the Components

Assembling The Components:
1. tin and strip the wires of all the components with lead free solder ( its much safer)
2. using one of the 9 volt battery's see which of the wires coming from the fan is positive + and which is negative -
3. with the positive - wire of the fan connect it to the positive terminal of toggle switch
4. with the two battery snaps get one of the positive legs from one and the negative wire from the other and solder them together
5. with the battery snaps connected solder the positive wire from the fan to the positive wire on the battery snap
6. now connect the negative wire from the battery snap to the negative terminal on the toggle switch
7. now all that's left to do is put it in the candy tin of your choice

thanks for looking at my first ever instructable please follow me on here and on youtube mllmTECH

Too bad we can't hear what you're saying.....why such low volumne ???
did you get the fan from maplin? Because I get my components from Maplin and i cant find one <br>
yeah i ordered online so maybe its an online exclusive
but I cant find it online either
Great idea!
Thanks :) im glad my first comment is such a positive one thanks again ;)<br>

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