Mini Portable Oven for Under 3$





Introduction: Mini Portable Oven for Under 3$

Mini Portable Microwave For Under 3$



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    For a real microwave on the road you're gonna need 110v power. You just cant get enough power from the lighter socket to run a microwave oven. A cigarette lighter socket only puts out about 180watts which is just barely enough power to get out of it's own way.

    I went with the Half-Pint by Sharp and the E1500 power inverter by Tundra. FANTASTIC!!! As it turns out, this is now sold as a package called the Portable Microwave for Trucks

    what wattage did you use for the light bulb?

    not a microwave but cool and also NOOOOOOOOOOOO not dragonforce

    WOW looks like a good way to start a fire.

    I made one big with 3 regular lightbulbs and it took me 5 min to warm up leftover pizza I think its really cool I broke mine so im going to make another but im gone tweak it and do a youtube vid on it sometime soon

    Its too fast, kinda hard to follow. If it was step by step it would be easier. Cool idea though.

    Cool, you are more of a builder than a magician.

    I've done this and it works great for warming up mcdonalds chai tea leftovers from the fridge or anything like that. I highly recommend circle shaped altiods tin bottoms as a tray for things. and i used a 12v indacscent light bulb and most of those burn pretty hot, and you can plug it into the car without the hassle of resistors and stuff because it's a 12v light bulb,and at home i can just use a 12v wall wort,and camping i can use a nine volt and 2 aa's.plz note also its good to use something insulating and make a box out of it.i made a foam box for it and lined the whole inside with aluminum tape.And afterwards i added a lock to stop more heat from escaping.Nice little project to do on the weekend if your bored and want to put something useful together with common kitchen and workshop supplies.

    what kind of lightbulb did you use? which ones burn hotter than others? Also, what did you get the battery pack from?

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    well ihave a store that sells all these stuff in my town

    That amazing! great video!

    No offense, but this is more of a mini oven than a microwave...

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    its not offensive i made a mistake:D


    cool, but.. step-less, unable to see the video properly, video going at 10X,uploaded on metacafe to make cash like all of his video. cool, we have a kipkay(good good good) version "bad bad bad"

    Nice easy-bake oven. With some holes poked out I would see it more as a potpourri diffuser or a cup warmer for tea/coffee. If you powered it up a bit - lantern battery maybe? - it would be great little oven for a budget camping trip. Good job, very creative.

    You are both right. It's still cool, don't you think?