Make your laptop Go Green! with Mini Pot For Laptop.

Step 1: Materials

All we need to make this Mini Pot For Laptop are leftover materials, such as:

  • Weed (you can find it in the backyard)
  • Soil
  • a piece of iron wire
  • a piece of 3/4" PVC
  • a 3/4" PVC lid

And we will need tools like:

  • Pliers
  • Trowel
  • Saw blade

Step 2: Pot

  • Cut the 3/4" PVC for about 6 cm with saw blade
  • Make a path at 1 cm under the top for iron wire grip.
  • Attach the PVC to the PVC lid (the PVC lid will be the bottom of the mini pot)

Step 3: Hanger

  • Tie the iron wire around mini pot through the path. Fasten it with pliers.
  • Bend the excess of the iron wire like you can see on the picture.

Step 4: Plant

  • Get the weed with trowel. Please make sure that the root of weed are included.
  • Fill half of the mini pot with soil, then plant the weed gently.

Step 5: Done!

Ta daaa.... Now you have a Go Green! laptop with Mini Pot For Laptop.

<p>Kreatif sekali mas adam. Voted!</p>
Makasih mas Fazie. suwun sing akeh.
<p>what a great quick hack. you can easily add lights on top and power it via usb.!!<br>thank you for sharing, voted.!</p>
<p>Thank you Alkin Yildiz, thats a great suggestion.</p><p>And thank you too for the vote.</p>
<p>very nice, how long will it live like that?</p>
Hi 3366carlos, thanks. I am not sure but I think it can last long when you do regular watering and sometimes you put it outside because the plant need sunlight.
Just tried this. I change the PVC lid with bottle cap and use grass for the plant. I put it on my flat TV. This looks nice :)
That's nice, Ima Rismayani. Thank you :)
That is adorable ^-^ Very nice
Thank you MouseWerks
I couldnt find any weed growing in my backyard. I just used some regular plant. I hope it works the same
Hi imtheman47, your backyard might be nice and tidy without any weed growing there. Yes, you could use any regular and tiny plant. Good luck!

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