Directions for making candle holders for those itty bitty taper candles.

These are made of polymer clay that has been baked and painted. Personally I don't let my candles burn all the way down just in case, but I suppose if you're leery of the paint you could of course just use colored clay to begin with. Use em at your own risk.

For candle tips go to The National Candle Association's Fire Safety Tips

Step 1: In the Begining, Hehe

Take a clay roller, a cutter, and something to poke the clay with (I used a pen) and roughly 1 ounce of polymer clay (your choice as to what it looks like but mine was scrap since I wanted to use it up and I am going to be painting it)
pretty....good idea. I have some wee little candles that this would work great with. <br><br>I'm currently using a bowl of sand for the little candles on my alter, so this would be prettier. : D
you could weigh these with a washer. i've used copper pipe ends for candle cups, to hold the candle, they come in just the right size and i think metal is safer.
intiresting. though they look a bit too tippy (fire hazard) to me
The teardrop one does look a bit tippy for truth but actually is flat on the bottom and lays well, if tipping is a concern they can be made larger of course. As with all candles they should never be left unattended according to the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.candles.org/safety_candles.html">National Candle Association's Fire Safety instructions :-)</a><br/>
so thats were my tax dollars go: the association of candles, the comity to decide when to lower the flag the OQLF

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