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I had so much fun making this little record player. It would be a great band or music teachers gift. I am sure anyone would love this. I wished I had more floppy disks! I would make another one and dress it up with beads and make it even more realistic. This little record  player was made from office supplies for the Office Supply Contest. Follow through and I will show you how easy it was to make.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

8 Floppy Disks.
3 Black paper clips. 
1 RCA logo print out.
Print out for the lid and inside cover optional
1 Cardboard for a work surface.

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools

Glue G and glue, the tiny one works best
Tweezers are helpful
Needle nose pliers
Flat sharp tool to pry the floppy disk apart

Step 3: Take Apart Floppy

Picture of Take Apart Floppy
Take apart 2 of the floppy disks. 
You will use:
8 Black pegs.
One side of the floppy plastic that has the round bump.
One black tab.
One round black film disk with center metal piece.

Step 4: Print Out RCA Logo

Picture of Print Out RCA Logo
I took a picture of the RCA logo here: 
Printed it out and cut it out into the shape that I wanted. 
For the inside of the record player and the outside I printed from this link: and Here:


Step 5: Glue Black Pegs

Picture of Glue Black Pegs
Find the best view of the floppy disks and use all of them in the same direction throughout the rest of the steps.
There will be a back side and a front side. 
Glue the black pegs to the bottom of one of the floppy disks, let it cool slightly or it will melt the plastic. 
These will be the feet for the record player.

Step 6: Glue Floppy Disks

Picture of Glue Floppy Disks
Glue each disk on top of the base of the record player alternating the colors.
You will use 5 full disk for the box and 1/2 disk for the record platform, this piece should have the bump. 
Glue the dog onto the center of the 1/2 disk.


Step 7: Cut Black Tab

Picture of Cut Black Tab
Cut the black tab to form a pocket to set the lid into as shown.
Glue it to the top back section of the record player as shown.
Glue the lid design on it if you like it. If you choose to make one of these with the lid that will open and close I would glue the design on it different than I did to make it realistic. I chose to do it this way so the design would not be seen upside down. I am referring to the heart shape on the back.

Step 8: Black Paper Clips

Picture of Black Paper Clips
Straighten the black paper clip and trim off the vinyl about 1/4" on one end and strip the wire to make the needle.
Bend the end slightly to shape the needle.


Step 9: Cut Handle

Picture of Cut Handle
Glue 1 of the black pegs for the record player arm to set on in the right rear of the player.
Glue the remaining 3 black pegs at each remaining corners. These will just be for looks. 

Step 10: Bend Paper Clip

Picture of Bend Paper Clip
Bend one paper clip into a knob for turning on and off the record player. 
Bend one in the shape of a emblem as shown. 
Glue the paper shapes to the front of the record player.
Glue the RCA logo on.
Place the record on the player.
You will need an extra set of hands for this part.
You will need to glue the handle to the back right corner and the second person will hold it so the needle is on the record player as if it is playing.
Glue the handle to the back right corner of the record player. 


Step 11: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

Picture of Sunshiine's Final Thoughts
This record player was made for the lid to stay open as shown. I am sure a person could add some strips to the top section to complete the player so the lid would open and close and add some hinges. Oh I can just see it! So adorable! When I get an opportunity I am going to buy a small music box and add it to this little record player. I will also be making more of these for holiday gifts if I can collect more floppy disks. I hope this has inspired you to make one for yourself. 

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Pdrummer (author)2017-05-07

Great little project Now you just gotta get it to spin & play some music LOL!!!!

archexproductions (author)2016-01-02

Here's a more concise tutorial:

queer1 (author)2013-12-25

will this actually play records???

PotatoCoffee (author)2012-08-24

I love it! Should be a prize winner!

sunshiine (author)PotatoCoffee2012-08-24

Thanks! Have a grrreat day!

PotatoCoffee (author)sunshiine2012-08-24

No problem!

PotatoCoffee (author)sunshiine2012-08-24

No problem!

Kitana Kellaway (author)2012-08-22

That is soo cool!!!!!!! *opens draw* *looks for cd* =( no cds ='(

I love your humor! Thanks for your support! Sunshiine

That's ok =)

Mahmoud Alaa (author)2012-08-20

you can add a sound card circuit in it will be able to play real music

sunshiine (author)Mahmoud Alaa2012-08-21

That would be awesome, wouldn't it! Thanks for sharing!

Mahmoud Alaa (author)sunshiine2012-08-23

no proplem

Mahmoud Alaa (author)2012-08-20

Wow sunshiine you got feuterd 'able , nice 'able

sunshiine (author)Mahmoud Alaa2012-08-21


Dusk Shadows (author)2012-08-19

This is 1 of my favorite ibles sunshine keep up the good work (it's weird me saying that and not u lol)

sunshiine (author)Dusk Shadows2012-08-19

Thank you for the compliment Dusk Shadows! It is one of my favorites also. As always I appreciate your support!

Dusk Shadows (author)sunshiine2012-08-19

=) it's ok

ChrysN (author)2012-08-19

That is so cute, nicely done!

sunshiine (author)ChrysN2012-08-19

I wished I had more! Thanks CHRYsN for stopping by and for your support! Have a great day!

furrysalamander (author)2012-08-19

I like it too! There are a few things I would change, but it looks awesome!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

jessyratfink (author)2012-08-19

Aww, how cute!

sunshiine (author)jessyratfink2012-08-19

Thanks Jessy! Have a super day!

ChrysN (author)2012-08-19

That is so cute, nicely done!

rimar2000 (author)2012-08-19

Beautiful! Congratulations.

sunshiine (author)rimar20002012-08-19

Thanks rimar! I thought it turned out pretty cute myself. If I get my hands on more floppy disks I will make them much better not being restricted to office supplies. I would have already done it but I don't have enough :(. Have a great day! Oh yeah and thanks for the lovely star! Sunshiine

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