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Introduction: Mini Rocket - Mini Fusée

This experience allows us to visualized: the differences in density and convection current.

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The launch of an empty tea bag allows us to observe the power density differences and convection currents.

Step 1: Prepare the Launcher

  1. Cut the bag as in the video or remove the clip.
  2. Not to spoil recover tea
  3. Open the tea bag so that it forms a cylinder.

Step 2: Prepare for the Launch

Turn the cylinder on top (WITH AN ADULT).

Tea bags are very light, you must do so in a place without wind.

To do away from curtains or other flammable source ... The SAFETY FIRST !

Step 3: Launch

ignite a lighter and go on top of the tea bag

Hot air rises!

You have created an air convection current like a hot air column.

Do you know why hot air rises? When heating such air density decreases (expands), the hot air is lighter than cold air will therefore rise while cold air sinks. Heat transfer is conveyed by the movement "ordered" molecules ".

In other words, a convection current is the transfer of thermal energy by the movement or flow of a substance from one position to another.

Warning :
This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you want to test the experiences of our videos you assume responsibility for the results. -you Have fun, but you should always think in advance, remember that this is YOUR OWN RISK.

Pretty cool ! Is not it?
I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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