Step 6: Bake, Cool, Display, Yum!

  • After the tarts have been allowed to cool, loosen the muffin rings and gently release each pie.


  • Display proudly (because they are so pretty).


  • Serve at room temperature either naked or with whipped cream. (Couldn't resist...puns intended)


  • Expect loving compliments to flow!
Beautiful! Want to make this!
This is right up my ally! thanks for sharing and have a wonderful evening! <br>sunshiine
It easily made 8 mini pies from 6 apples, and I then placed my scraps in 2 additional pie shells (see photo) If I had used craisins or nuts to fill the gaps (instead of the apple rose buds,), 6 apples would've filled all 10 pies.
With 6 apples, how many pies could you make?
these look amazing, I can't wait to try, I'm also gluten intolerant and without a sweet tooth so I'm hoping these will be perfect for valentines XD
I think you'll like them! Have fun...
Thanks for the comment. Actually the sliced apples in your caramel apple pie inspired me to take my idea a step further, so thank you!
Ahhhhh...bet your hubby thinks of you as the apple of his eye. These are so clever, appear healthy and most importantly look delicious. Do you deliver?
Winks...Your job is to make 'em (for NAM) and deliver 'em (to NAM) with love!
These are wonderful! So pretty and I just love apple pie!
Thanks for your kind comments!
Beautiful work sweetheart! <br>This is the best gluten free crust ever. <br>Works great for pot pie too!! <br>Your hubby Art

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