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Introduction: Mini Rubber Duck USB

Turn a miniature rubber duck and a normal usb into a cute chimera.

To begin you will need....

-1 mini rubber duck(I got mine from a duck family pack at cvs)
*I found this store via google but haven't tested it out yet
-1 usb of any size
-1 exacto knife
-enough "glue" to fill the duck

This was a fundraiser idea for UST Engineering Club.

Step 1: Take Apart the USB

This step is pretty simple, Using a small flat-head screw driver or any other prying device, remove the plastic casing from the flash drive.

Step 2: Cut the Duck

Make an incision at the back (front would work too) of the duck just big enough to slide the flash in.

Step 3: Cement the Flash Inside

Now this step is the part I am having trouble with,unless you glue the flash in somehow it'll just slide out when you yank the duck out of the usb port.

I used "instant" super glue and that was a mess because apparently hours qualify as instant.

Anyone know of an electronic safe fixative that'll work better than super glue?

Step 4: Plug It In

After it's dried all that's left is plugging it in.



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    duckie duck, the data duck

    tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?

    Would hot-glue work? Pretty sure that's electronic safe.

    I'm having a TON of difficulty: 1- Finding a rubber duck and 2- Deciphering what size duck you used. PLEASE HELP!!!

    3 replies

    I got this one from cvs and it is 3cm long. has alot of mini rubber ducks but I couldnt tell you the exact dimensions of those ones.

    Thanks :) too bad all online things have shipping costs of $5 or more unless I buy in bulk -_-

    P.S. can anyone sell me one?

    Very nice, you could do this with a LED and a watch battery too. Just a suggestion.

    1 reply

    Yep, you could. The point of this build though was more to make the USB stick look better than make the duck light up :)