Many people didn't have enough pieces to make Killerk SR-V1, so i decided to make a Mini version of it.

Step 1: The Handle

This handle is the same as the one from the real SR-V1. it is the same size too! just lokk at the real one to make it.

Step 2: Bottom Part of the Gun

This is the bottom part of the gun, the stock is on the end of it. My Bottom piece is about 6 yellow pieces long as you can see in the picture. The stock is the same size as the original SR-V1 stock, same design too. this whole gun is just the original gun with less pieces.

Step 3: The Barrel

This is also the same barrel as the origionail Barrel, but it just has less pieces. My barrel is about 8 yellow pieces long.

Step 4: The Sight

This sight is the Same sight as from the original SR-V1, I just used different colored pieces. The sight has small modes of my own.

Step 5: The Bipod

The bipod is optional, i made an istructable for it and it is called (SR-V1 Bipod Mod) you can make that one and then add it to your gun.

Step 6: Putting It Together

Now we will put all of the steps together. The gun will conect together just like the real SR-V1

Step 7: Finished Product

This is the Finished product. its only my second instructable, sorry if it is not very good or clear.

Step 8: SR-V1Dart

This is the SR-V1 dart, you have to use tape to make the fins.
i still not have enough!
LOL Idk about now for you but... in all my colors put together i could make probably 20 of these lol<br />
me niether :[ <br />
Lol<br />
how many yellows?<br />
It is not really the same as the real one. You should make instructions for the handle.
How far does this mini one go?
Haha you have 2 different scopes then? Which is better, I'm looking for scopes to nick for my new sniper lol
how far does it go
anyone who needs more parts of any kind of knex just type in google knex.co.uk and there should be a website called knex resources with all the parts you need, hope that helps
worst instructions ever...
I built it but you really need to put better pictures on because it did not have a firing mechanisim!!!!!!!!!!!
Just in my opinion, this mod is almost pointless. -The stock is too small to be useful in any way. (The point of a K`nex stock is to add comfort and keep your shot steady. Using that you'd have your head way too close to the Rod being fired, making it VERY unsafe if there's an error and it flies backwards. It'd also be annoying having your shoulder being so close to the trigger, you'd have your arm bent out like a chicken wing.) -The barrel's too small to get a decent amount of power. (Unless you have an awesome rubber band.) -The barrel's too short to be accurate height-wise. When KillerK made his SR-V1 he thought it through well. With the Rubber band at the end raised slightly. That sends the rod higher a fraction, making it very accurate. I'd advise to take the stock off and use it to extend the barrel, change the sight. Try making one where you're looking through the hole even with the red connectors holding the sight. And just for the hell of it, take of all of the stock, except the parts connecting the trigger to the barrel, and use them to extend the barrel too. I'm sorry if I've offended you at all, but I'd appreciate it if you'd respect my opinion.
No, the point of a knex stock is also to add looks, weight, and balance out the weight. There are loads of reasons....
These pictures are my current SR-V1. Tell me what you think and if it's worth posting the mods. (They're really efficient with Yellow Connectors. It's currently using 110 Yellow Connectors with a lot of places to removes and replace them with Green and Purple 3D Connectors. I'll take out most of them and make it even more efficient with Yellow Connectors if I post it.)
That looks absolutly spiffing.
How jolly delightful
more tea in the pot old bean?
that would be awfully spiffing thank you very much
He doesn't even have to post that, it's so simple. I did the same thing with mine.
please post!
Well then, you can make the stock and barrel longer, they don't have to be that size. Now why didn't you think of that instead of taking up space with unhelpful comments.
well its for people who dont have enough peice and maybe not enough time
How many yellow connectors does this gun use? I only have around 100 and if i cant guild the mini version of the SR-V1 i will go mental and tear my hair out!
I LOVE THIS MOD!<br/>Its nice and 'doody'<br/>5* and faved.<br/>
i just got many pieces i might buile the big and the small ... lol
worst instructions ever
lets not go too far... KillerK's arent particularly good now are they
You know what, I take that back, the instructions are bad but what the hell
do you like cheese
My m8 started a club called C.H.E.E.S.E. (why?) in primary school. It stood for Children Helping Endangered Eggs Survive Easter. How random...
wow! how random!
(you can probably guess that i'm going to build it soon)
will make soon! maybe make it so that it can collapse... but then again, maybe not...
make the instructions more simple =(<br/>
simple idea: make it so that the whole barrel recoils along the shaft of the stock.
also, let me give an idea to all of you builders out there with few ideas. three words: electrified jumping rope.
T'point of t'original rifle is to develop t'full amount of power from t'rubberbands used. So it needs to be long!
that's not nice
"where is..." "what the..." "man i need an asprin." :S
I know, it still uses a ton of pieces
do you now how muth jellow conectors the gun have??
great 5.0

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