Mini Scorpyd Crossbow ! Insanely Powerful !





Introduction: Mini Scorpyd Crossbow ! Insanely Powerful !

Mini but insanely powerful Scorpyd crossbow.

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It took me two weeks on and off to make this mini crossbow, it would be much appreciated if you could leave a comment below telling me what you think about it :)

This crossbow is stronger than original crossbows due to its design ( scorpyd ) it is way more powerful than my other crossbows that are in my other videos.

I made some arrows with no fletchings on them because when i would shoot the crossbow the strings would get on top of the fletchings resulting poor accuracy.

This mini scorpyd crossbow is made out of really hard hard wood, metal, and the scope was added mainly for the looks but it kinda works by aiming the scope where you want to shoot although it doesn't have a hole drilled in it.

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I wont let my son have a real crossbow, but this? It's cool and i will make it for him!

I made it with my 3d printer I used carbon fiber for th arms but u need more instructions

Youtube is for demonstrations, instructables is for instructions

Powerfull?? Max=20yards.?

dude cool crossbow but please show instructions

INSTRUCTables not SHOWOFFables!

can you please sell me one or show me how to make