I sewed these two mini shoulder bags for two people. 

The first one is for my friend, to hold her bible in church.  It is reversible, with a dark gray denim-like material on one side and a light blue-checkered cotton.  It features a closure with a piece of elastic looped over a button.

The second bag is for a little girl in church to hold her offering money.  It is also reversible, with a beige canvas on one side and a funky bug printed cotton on the other.  It also has a closure with an elastic looped over a button.

Both projects were fairly easy, one of the most easiest projects I've done (about 1-2 hours each).
cute! wish i'd had one of these for the last concert I went to.<br>mosh pit+messenger bag=shoulder pain!
haha thanks! aw yeah, sometimes big bags are just heavy without anything inside! the weight just comes from the bag itself! :)

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Bio: I am a 13 year old girl that loves sewing. That is all you need to know about me.
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