Everybody loves siege engines, right? They're even better when you can throw them in your backpack, and take them place! I built this catapult in around 20 minutes, but most of that was figuring out what I did wrong, and fixing it. If you follow the steps I've compiled, it shouldn't take you more than 7 minutes. If you have any improvements, or suggestions, or would like to share your own please comment. FYI this is my first Instructable, so I'm sorry for anything that may not be to clear, or omitted instructions. If you have any further questions please comment, I will reply asap.

Step 1: Step 1: Parts

The first thing you are going to want to do is compile the supplies needed to build this project.

1. Mousetrap
2. Plastic (or possibly metal, didn't try that) spoon
3. A wood block at least as long, and as wide as the trap
4. Duct Tape
5. Nail (around 2.5" long)
6. Enough small nails to secure the trap to your wood block
7. AMMO!!
<p>Ohhh i actually thought it was for throwing mice out windows instead of killing them Now that is a great invention LOL</p>
It's awesome and simple
have you every considered attaching a second arm on the other side so you can launch 2 projectiles at one time
No, though that might work... I think i'll give it a try. Thanks
did it work?
mouse catapult...that gives me an idea!!! <br>
Nice! I would have given it five stars, but the rating system is currently down.
That's awesome! You should make it so it flings the mouse XD

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