Ah catapults - a classic and exciting engineering project that introduces students to fundamental ideas in physics and engineering like energy transformation, trajectory, and structural strength.

Step 1: Simple Catapult

To fire:

  • Load the projectile
  • Firmly hold down the front of the catapult
  • Pinch the cube under the basket and pull down, then release

<p>This is one of the things I have to do for a project that's due I think in 3 weeks, better get started.I think I'm gonna go with the slingshot my personal tool of mischief (^w^)</p>
<p>where do I find the instructions for the slingshot?</p>
<p>Love it</p>
<p>Awesome! the projectiles really fly far!</p>
<p>i love all your projects. It's really awesome.do you teach simple machicens in your projects? pleas give me a hint. i am trying to figure it out :-(</p>
<p>Love all of these! Made them all in preparation for a class I am teaching. I figured out how to modify the Lever-pult into Torsion catapult by gluing regular cubes at the pivot point to your frame, and gluing drilled cubes below them. You can string a loop of nylon string through both holes (and the holes on the swing arm) and hold them with 1/2 craft sticks on both sides: Wind them up and you get a powerful torsion launch. </p><p>Also working on gravity swinging catapult and a trebuchet based on your framework. Pictures to come.</p>
Hey, glad to hear that you've made good use of these lessons. I'd love to see some pictures of how you redesigned!
all your projects are awesome!!:) i'm going to show my friends. where do you get the cubes you use? do you get them in large or small amounts?
Thank you! You can buy the cubes here:<br><br>http://www.americanwoodcrafterssupply.com/catalog/?blocks&amp;show=category&amp;productCategoryID=6005&amp;productCategoryIDs=6005
To get corks, do you just save them from bottles or do you by them en masse from somewhere?
i buy them at hobby lobby.
this is awesome!
Quite simply splendid!
I like this very much. How can I make this without the craft cubes? Are they really necessary? <br> <br>
The cubes aren't necessary - I use them because it's what I use in all of my projects. I don't know what you have access to, so if I were you I'd rummage around my home for materials or visit a craft or hardware store. Good luck!
And again congrats for being a winner in the Education Contest! Great project!
Thanks! I am so psyched!!
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Congratulations on being a winner in the Big and Small contest!
Why thank you - you're quite gracious. I've seen your positive feedback all over the site. Keep it up, and good luck in future contests :)
Awe you are so kind! I was excited to read you are in talks with instructables to sell a kit of one or more of your instructables! I think that is wonderful!! Your partner in education, poofrabbit
nice! <br> <br>i used to enjoy making shooting thingies, i once made a thing similar to the skewer shooter, but it was aluminum (from cans) and it used a thick red rubber band and it can shoot sticks and pencils as well, but it wasn't as strong. i used to sell them as well. they don't reload very quickly and is not very accurate, so i use it close range. i also made a lot of similar shooters, one of then is a sliding one for extra power, and one that is about 2-3 centimetres long for hiding it from teachers. <br> <br>i still think that the ones i just said do too much damage and gets me into a lot of trouble, so now i making paper wasp shooters.
Very fun for kids!
this will be great for food fights!!!!!!!
I love all your project, they are simple, afordable for anyone and great for children physic education, way more fun than reading a boreing book. <br>Keep up the good work. <br>P.S. you could sell diy sets for these project I think people would be glad to buy it. <br>
Wow, thanks for the kind words :) I've been talking with the Instructables HQ about selling the rubberband helicopters as kits - hopefully we'll see them in the store soon!

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