This is my K'NEX Sling shot

Step 1: Handle

This is the Handle

Step 2: The Arms

These are the arms that the elastic band attaches to

Step 3: The Rubber Band

knot the elastic band in the middle

Step 4: Arms & Handle

attach the arms onto the handle look at step 6 it will show you where they need to go

Step 5: The Ammo

this is the ammo that you use to shoot with

Step 6: You Are Done :)

This is the complete mini sling shot, enjoy!!!!!
It's pretty cool but the arms holding the elastic look like they might snap.<br>
I like its simplicity! :)
If only all the really simple ibles looked as neatly designed as this. Cool job. Maybe next time you could try and make something a bit more complicated. I'm sure you could do it. :3
Cool! I like its looks.
Simple but Good! :)

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