I join to the APA leagues in my area, really enjoy pool, a few months back got into a divorce, I knew have to get my mind busy in something, at home don't have much space to allocate a real size pool table so when I was looking on the net for DIY projects found the Instructable "Golf Ballz Pool Table
". I really think was a great idea, how to improve it and make it work for a real pool rack. This Instructables will show how I got inspired by the other instructables and get me going in this really cool project, I enjoy working on it, it was not about the time but to the results, I look the project as a hobbie and get my mind busy, I finally complete the project, and most importantly help me go through this difficult time in my life.

Enjoy It.

Step 1: Get All Your Materials

The scope of this project is to build a very inexpensive mini pool table.
1.- 8 foot x 3 foot door tipically around [$18 USD]
2.- White Board [$15 USD]
3.- 6x [1x3x8] for the rails [$18 USD]
4.- 3x [1x6x8] rails support [$10 USD]
5.- cheap engine brake rubber and sling shot rubber for the rails [ This was kind of hard to figure it out  about $20 USD both]
6.- Fiber Glass mosquito net and black duck tape [$15 USD Both]
7.- Green Felt [ $15 USD]
8.- Glue Spray Can [ $9 USD]
9.- Wood Glue + Screws [ $15 USD both ]
10.- Brown Gloss Spray Pain for the hand rails [ $5 USD]

<p>How thick does the door have to be</p>
<p>How thick does the door have to be</p>
<p>How thick does the door have to be</p>
This is mine which is easy to move. Made in about 10 hours and cost 150 to make and is a full 8' table
can u post video with rail bouncing test?
Where did you get your engine brake rubber at? and how much was it?
Good job.... how does it play? do the balls run in a true line?
Where did you get the green felt for $15?
Walmart =)
wow this is so nice
I haven't gone to the store yet, but so far online I can't find a door that is 8 feet high, everything is only 6 feet high on lowes and home depots website. <br><br>Hopefully I'll have better luck at the actual stores.
where did you get your felt? did you just use the fabric kind at like an art store?
do you mean: <br>(duck)duct <br>(Pain)Paint
this is really good setup&nbsp; i like the slingshot ideal <br /> i building one now&nbsp; but im going to use mdf board&nbsp; it's heavy but worth it in the long run&nbsp;&nbsp;thin im making a pokertable as the cover&nbsp; be a great project regardless if it's not as good as a 8.000 $ table&nbsp;
Excellent instructable, thanks for posting it. I&nbsp;got fantastic ideas for the rails, by using the yellow rubber split in two. I'll try your approach!<br /> <br /> Regards.<br />
You wrote &quot;In another instructable found how cheap can the whiteboard be used to convert a full wall into an dry erase board&quot; - We need a cheap wall-to-wall whiteboard, please:&nbsp;Where can I find this instructable?<br /> <br /> Thanks!<br /> Nomax<br />
cool! but mini and small together is almost an oximoron. sorry 4 being so picky! =P
how much did this cost?<br />
It was close to $200 USD. The good thing is the fact to be able to move it really quick. =)<br />
It adds up to a bit over $100 dollars.<br />

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