Mini Solar 1.5v Cell Charger From Useless Claculator





Introduction: Mini Solar 1.5v Cell Charger From Useless Claculator

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Here, in this instructable it is shown how to make a solar 1.5v Rechargeable Cell.

For this project we will use useless calculator and reuse it!

By charging the cell with this method you can use this cells in Camera and other equipments.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Useless Calculator having solar panel

2. 1.5v Cell Holder

3. 1.5/1.2v Rechargeable cell

4. Glue

Step 2: Extract Solar Panel.

Extract the solar panel from the useless calculator.

Step 3: About Solar Panel

The solar panel extracted from Calculator generates about 2.9v at a time!

Step 4: Solder the Panel!

Solder the positive terminal of solar panel to positive terminal of cell and vice versa.

Also affix the solar panel to cell holder with glue.

Step 5: Process of Charging

Affix the cell in the cell holder and your cell will start charging.

To charge your cell fully to 1.2v 60mA the time needed would be 9 hours.

Hope you like the project!




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    Just make sure to protect the battery from the heat of the sun!

    1 reply

    It is not necessary to keep it in direct sunlight still thanks for feedback!!!

    as mentioned above, use diode to prevent discharging over the panel. another thing is: your assumption of the charging current to be 60mA is way off. That tiny calculator solar cell won't even give you 1mA, it is actually only about 10uA. So you would need far more than 9 hours (54000 hours)

    3 replies

    I will update the instructable soon!

    I came to Math, but NoPinky beat me to it. My hat is off to you good sir!

    Also, good project... just needs a useful solar cell to actually work.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    I will update the instructable soon regarding this!!!!

    Good reuse project, I never throw away broken equipment, I salvage parts just like this. ☺

    1 reply