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That was the Mini Solar A/C! Ugly but works. Add water to the cloth with a spoon until it's all soaked up, power it up with a solar panel (one or two watts), batteries, or a low voltage power source, and cool your house. Make several of these or a large scale one to lower your power bill in the summer.
Check out my other ible' for electric fire.

It's solar-powered, so is low voltage & low current - why not just put the cooler fabric on so it wicks water & set it in a pan of water & let 'r rip? I put 1 in the pickup cab for the dog, (YES, takosjza, WITH shades & sliders, windows & vents open, in the shade...), in a suitable box, running off the lighter jack. Works better than the old system of a fan and a pan of ice water - he would drink the ice water, leaving just the fan, which was ok but not as good.

saurezz1 year ago

can i get its lab report? like the mechanism it works on

Faquad5 years ago
does the fan blow UP or DOWN into the cloth?
ANDY! (author)  Faquad5 years ago
down, where ever the cloth is
paqrat ANDY!3 years ago
Wouldn't this work better if the fan pulled air through the cloth? You'd have to seal everything offso the air was being drawn through the cloth. Also if you used a highly absorbant fabric and placed the ends of it in a pan of water wouldn't it tend to keep itself wet as long as there was water for it to soak up? To those who say this type of cooler won't work in high humidity I would mention that here, in Louisiana, we have high humidity most of the time and, before the advent of the air conditioners that use freon, evaporative cooling was used extensively. In some older towns you may still see the cooling towers on top of some of the buildings. Of course it was not as efficient as the freon type but it was all that was available and it made a huge difference from the outside, un-airconditioned air.
ANDY! (author)  paqrat3 years ago
Pushing air through works much better. Try blowing something over by exhaling, and then try to knock it over by inhaling. Which is easier?
Necis6 years ago
Nice and simple, even though its more like a swamp cooler then a Air Conditioner. Seeing as I'm in the middle east at the moment and its starting to get hot I am probably going make a couple of these and see about tweaking it a bit. I'll let you know what I come up with
I made something similar using 2 thermal electric coolers hooked up to a 6 volt lantern battery instead of cloth. If you can get any of those and the heat sinks to go with them I would highly recommend it, it works pretty well to keep the heat and electricity bill down.
That sounds like it wouldn't work too well because peltier elements have a hot and a cold side. You have a fan hooked to a heatsink on the cold side and a heatsink on the hot side, the heat would radiate away from the hot side to be then absorbed by the cold side again so to make it work you would have to have the hot side outside to be able to cool.
I had it so that it was lying flat and the cold side was up, the hot side was in a project box with a fan blowing on a good sized heat sink, and a larger fan blowing on the cold side. It doesn't cool the room, it makes you feel cooler by blowing a cold wind on your face. you can also use a water cooling system for a computer
cd41 Necis6 years ago
If you don't mind me asking, what brings you there? Best of luck with your tweaking...
teenuvibhav4 years ago
Verry Good EXP. I like your exepiriment verry much.
does this thing work in humid areas, in mumbai we have more than 85% humidity all round the year so it's importamt to know .can anyone please inform me.
no it wont work for you... humidity must less then 50% because of evaporation try to make one like mine: http://youtu.be/jla5s_A11Pc
tiabnogard6 years ago
Ingenious. I've been looking for something like this, and you sir, are a genius. I have TONS of these fans around here.
ANDY! (author)  tiabnogard6 years ago
yay. im still a minor too. not everyday where someone says that.
anth1016 years ago
Can you build me one and send it to me for my B-day............ Its August 27 HAHA
Really, better make that 2 then, August 27 is my birthday too. However it's still winter in South Africa so I can wait a while :P