Hello everyone!  Have time?  How about a very intricate project from a Gerry Anderson concept - a mini popsicle stick Space 1999 Eagle spacecraft from Moonbase Alpha!

The Eagle multi-purpose transporter was the primary spacecraft from the 70's Sci-fi series Space 1999.  With a unique modular design, the spacecraft was designed to carry various types of specialized pods.  A number of pods, particularly the standard passenger pod, winch and laboratory pods were modeled in this instructable.

The mini popsicle stick version of the Eagle was, to say the least, very challenging to build.  The support frame connecting the aft and service modules took a lot of time to fabricate because of its intricate, lattice-design feature.  Just waiting for each single piece to dry in place took a long time.  Overall, I was very satisfied with how final the spacecraft came out after completing it 'one-stick at a time'.

This project is dedicated to my Virginia-based sister Maria who supplies the special tools and equipment used in all my builds.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

This project used a lot of thinned, rounded toothpicks for the lattice enveloping the fuselage. The main support frames were from sliced, regular sized popsicle sticks. Many of the smaller parts were from my spares 'box', thin and thick wooden coffee stirrers.  Only the command module and support fame for the pods were from tongue depressor sized toothpicks.

I've got a chance to use the Dremel Workstation for this project.  The moto tool mounted on the workstation freed both of my hands to twirl the small delicate parts to get the desired shape.  This was especially useful for shaping the main support frames.

Other tools used were:
  • Dremel 3000 and MiniMite with the following attachments
    • 1/2" coarse/fine drum sander
    • 1/4" fine drum sander
    • coarse/fine disk sander
    • regular and reinforced cutting wheel
    • #85422 grinding stone
    • #124, #125 & #191 high speed cutters
  • Various clamps
  • Olfa Cutter
  • Stanley cutter
  • Fine tweezer
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Mat
  • Elmers white glue

<p>great great work on the eagle and pods! im amazed your models were done with popsicle sticks! Cmdr Koenig would be proud!</p>
<p>That is some serious work. Really, really nice. When I was a kid, I used to love Space 1999. Never missed an episode. Great work! Meticulous.</p>
Great job. I never thought I'd see one made from wood. You are a master.
that was one of my favorite shows
That is a work of art.... And now I have the theme tune in my head...
Fantastic nostalgia piece! Worthy as a prop for a feature film (if one is ever made*hope*)! <br>:)) <br>But by a hollywood money machine.
NOT a hmm, srty
That is awesome!
WOW, amazing work. You really are a master at this and you have surpassed yourself with this one. <br>And a great Ible
Excellent. I really enjoyed reading your Instructable.
So retro from my youth . I thought I was the only person who remembers that show
Looks like something you would see in kerbal space program
All I can say is WOW! I didn't realize just how small this thing was until I saw a pencil near it for scale. You must have an incredible amount of patience. Really cool!
Brings back nice memories from a nice show!

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