Step 7: Why Doesnt My Spud Gun Fire?

For the ones who simply dont have the effort to spare looking at problems users often experience while making, operating, or modifying the miniature spud gun and the intricate and detailed answers I provide with meticulous attention paid to a legible, understandable, and accurate solution or suggestion to all of the inquiries and enigmas Im intelligent enough to answer or at least the slightest of effort.

You loaded a projectile that fit right, filled the chamber with a good propellant, sealed the chamber, and hit the igniter but the propellant doesnt ignite and nothing has exited the barrel but can see a spark leap across from one wire to the other when you squeeze the igniter:

You put too much propellant in the chamber resulting in a fuel content too rich and dense to ignite by ghetto means. Depending on the propellant, chamber, and other small, meticulous variables the air fuel ratio has to be ideal to be able to ignite. Its hard to measure the propellant content by any reasonable means so the remedy given is not a sure-fire thing but with practice the process can be somewhat reliable. Spray a small amount of propellant in the chamber, use your reasoning abilities on determining how much is a small amount and if it fails experiment logically knowing that if you spray for X-milliseconds/amount-of-time (you dont need to keep track) and if it doesnt ignite, purge the chamber by blowing through the chamber (unloaded, no projectile) with a moderate amount of force until satisfied and sure enough that there is no gas in the chamber that can alter the series of trials and errors (unless youve found the divine method) and spray again with an amount a little less propellant and repeat until successful. Ive experienced the best performance by quickly pressing the spray button all the way down and immediately releasing it and then gently blow into the chamber. It takes a few tries until you get it right but its the best way I know how.
I don't want to know how you can smuggle a lighter into class to make the classroom nemesis.
When are you going to post instructions to make the ak 47 style
does the crest bottle do anything like hold more hairspray or anything?
No, its just a grip/housing for the trigger, kinda keeps me from getting shocked and makes the whole thing look a little cleaner. Its really ghetto though.
what other ammo could we use or is it just the little paper things i really wanna make it tho, and the crest bottle could ppl make it out of a diffrent material? like mabey wood? thanks
uhh you can use potato<br>
nah thats more like pretty awesome
dude try some ronsonol lighter fluid super combustible works great dont put to much if u dont wanna blow off ur hand
I put to much hairspray in a combustion gun and fired, for two weeks i had no skin on the left hand side of my right hand.
lol i use axe bcuz hairspray leaves a residue and ond time i fireded my own and it exploded
air riffle pellets .22
projectiles haha a 50 cal. xD
Best projectile for these mini spud guns: <br>Those tall, skinny Lego antennas. The ones that can flex a little bit. The base of the antenna that interlocks with other Legos is perfectly matched to the inner diameter of a BIC pen tube. Shooting these things is dangerous (these shoot WAY faster than any q-tip; you can't even see them fly they go so fast. I shot one at a fabric couch and it penetrated the whole way to the base of the antenna). The base also acts like a badminton birdie and stabilizes the long, thin antenna in flight.
PLEASE make an instructable on this!!!
I've tried firing spitballs, pen tips, airsoft BB's (a bit too small), and a .22 cal bullet (which only went a few feet and much slower). so far spitballs are the best.
if you put rubbing alcohol as fuel it whistles and launches it 1 inch
well.... i made it... its purdy cool and fun to shoot!! but my first time firing it i tryed using Rave hairspray. its flamable so i figurd it would work. and it did barly!! So i decided to find a diffrent propelent. i found out that bug spray for flies and horse flyes works ALOT better.... but remember never put to much of any propelnt in the gun. not because its to powerfull. but because it just wont fire!!!(cuz no oxegen to burn). but the only problem i have with it is that the BBQ ignighter keaps running out of battry! i can maybe get only 8 shots out of one igniter!&nbsp; is there any other way or thing to use as a igniter???<br />
Get a BBQ Piezo.
you have way too much time on your hands.
Ahh, but alas I spend most of my time on my feet or on my ass or maybe my back, not my hands, I might fall over.(damn gravity, got me again) Where else on your body would you rather have time?
maybe he meant you have too many watches.<br />
@EnigmaMax +1
i agree with Applecore807 <br>not everything is a &quot;waste of time&quot; or a matter of having too much time on your hands but hes really beating most cavilians and hes not on facebook all day hes doing somthing useful with the time on earth mabey hes like some of us and likes to find out what happens if u mix hairspray and butane with an oxygen level and see what ratio propels farther so i agree with everyone in this convo except you Drstoopid
To be honest Drstoopid im sick of people saying that, if you learnt a good english class you'd know that were stuck in a matrix which is a jail that we cant see of touch. This ideology of growing up getting a job pumping a female having a kid and increasing your land property untill you die is quite wrong and hence a matrix. Sure he could do oher things like go to the mall&nbsp;but&nbsp;really he has found something unique and creative and has spent&nbsp;some time &nbsp;teaching us. Too much time on your hands is very shallow for something that has a deeper meaning.
so wrong mr stupid<br /> <br />
i cant find a electric lighter just butane what do i do
go to ace hardware and ask for a grill ignitor, it's the same but bigger and it has a cool red button.
i got one of those battery powered grill ignitors for a modified spud gun ( it shoots paper rockets )
butane will also make a bigger boom therefore more distance
get one of the long tipped lighters and unscrew the screw in the back inside take wire cutters and cut the wires by the butane follow the cord back thats the thing that makes the spark and obviously when the butane goes past the spark u get fire... sorry didnt mean to give the whole anatomy lol its a very simple thing to do.
lol i made a sniper rifle version of this and its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me and my brother juss started makin mini potato gun and we both enjoy them but have a hard time finding good ammo...i want something big enough for tacks :) or something strong enough to kill a small animal (squerall or chipmunks) their over populated in michigan!! But this site has helped me and has my interest in makin this a hobby... I plan on making a large one... But I want 1 for snowballs/iceballs as well!!
Pretty nice gun dude!
The last gun kinda looks like a p90
That is awesome!
so many nice
does the lighter do anything besides make it look like a banana clip
light it in the dark or at night with no ammo and look at the very tip of the barrel<br />
i gotta make one of those except M-16 style or maby uzi or desert eagle. i know shotgun!
&nbsp;this thing looks really dangerous and rickety, are you sure it's safe??
&nbsp;of course it's not safe! if you want safe, go hide in a bomb shelter.
Silencer?!?!?!?!?!?!? thats pretty hardcore if u ask me<br />
&nbsp;Very artistic! Way to go man!
nice looks complicated but it isnt<br /> <br />
just holding that would make me feel like a terrorist in kindergarten lol

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