Step 2: Build

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Cut the end off the pill bottle(the end without a cap).Stick in the two tacks into the bottle and make it so they almost touck(like a 3mm gap). Take a wired up ignighter and strip the ends and wrap them around each steel part of the tack and push down(if you dont know how to wire the ignighter too bad!).Tape the ignighter down to the bottle(make shure you can still press the botton).Wrap tape to the end of the pen tube so it snugly fits into the cut end of the bottle.Test for a good spark(rewire if it wont spark).

Put a bit of potato in the pen tube. spray a bit of hair spray in the screw end and put on the cap.

fire and enjoy

Ps. this is my 1st instructable tell me what u think.
yapoyo3 years ago
made one, heres a pic.
hhh 001.JPG
WiseMagnus6 years ago
i used a m&m mini bottle and it doesn't seem to work does anyone know if there is a problem
does the back pop open cuz it dosent close very good
macboy984 years ago
can we use perfume instead of hairspray?
instead of a bbq igniter, can you use the sparky end of one of those long lighters(an empty on)?
wwed5 years ago
great for class! awsome
Cool. but uh....... wats my ignition if i dont hav a BBQ lighter?
Kweltan7 years ago
This is a great instructable (even if it wasnt your idea) i just finished making this mini spud gun and it worked perfectly. I used a Herron mini 25 capsule pack though, so there isnt alot of power but still it works well. Good Job!!
blizz867 years ago
already done on techblog.