Here is a quick 'how to' on making mini steampunk lamps, They're very simple and take about 10-15 minutes to build. Note: this is my own idea. AND this also makes a great Halloween decoration!

You will need:

-Various small copper pieces
-small LED
-small coated wire
-A small lamp shade (i used a communion cup from church)
-hot glue
-tissue paper

Step 1: Gather Pieces

First, you are going to find some small copper pieces and parts and stack them up on each other and see what looks the best for you. Then, if not there already drill a hole in the center of each piece big enough that your wires can go through.

Step 2: String the Pieces Together

Next solder your LED to two wires and start stringing all of the pieces onto it

Step 3: Add the Holder Upper Wire Thingy

Next glue a bent wire piece to the top of the lamp, the size is going to vary depending on how high you want the shade

Step 4: Make the Shade

Now to make the shade, cut out a small section of tissue paper, then push the tissue paper into the cup, and make sure the tissue paper retains its shape. After that spray or apply glue to the inside of the cup, then push the tissue paper inside and flatten it out with you finger. Once its dry, cut away the extra tissue paper and you are finished!

Step 5: Make It a Halloween Decoration

Now im going to show you how to make it a halloween decoration, First just draw some pictures on the tissue paper and cut them out as small as possible then spray or apply glue to them and stick them on the inside of the cup, After that add another layer of paper as in the previous step, now it can be a halloween decoration!

Step 6: Gluing It All Together

Now, simple glue it all together and you are done, just hook a watch battery to the wires and it should turn on, if it doesn't then your connection is bad.
 ask if you have any questions

Where did you get the parts? or can you possibly tell me where i could get them...?<br>LJ
what battery is it powered by.... 9v?
just a little 3v watch battery
where did u get the speaker bit?
i got it off of a small speaker, i think it was from a card that played music, but you can usually find them is small toys or stuffed animals
<br> that is a nice lamp, but why are communion-cups like that?<br> <br> L<br>
like what? i dont really understand the question
<br> Sorry, I'd been to the pub last night and I missed the one reference to tissue-paper.<br> It's a disposable plastic cup with paper in it, can you add a line about combining the two?<br> I guess the LED is yellow, the paper is not coloured.<br> <br> L<br>
ok so i put up some more steps to show you how to do it
That helps, thanks.<br> <br> L<br>
do you know where to get the parts? ... or where u got them from
Sweet Lamp, Dude!
Hmm.... I may have to take this idea and make a mini chandelier/candelabra lamp... Great instructable!
What holds the shade up? I think you skipped a step or two.
ok yeah i'll put that in
What do you mean by &quot;wire thingy&quot;? Do you have a picture of what you used?
yeah its on the first step in the picture of all the pieces
Nice, however you might change the title from 'mini' to 'absolutely TINY' <br> <br>looks really cool, and easy to make, thanks for showing us.
That's nice, too bad you're too late for the LED contest, I'd have voted for you!

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