Introduction: Mini Stress Relieve Balls.

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I need these whenever my brother comes over.

Step 1: Items.

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Step 2: Making It, #1

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cut off one the fingers and fill it with flour, make sure that when filling it, you take it off the funnel and force the flour down to the bottom and its nice and compact. then fill it up to where there is about an inch left on top. tie off and squeeze when stressed.


Redgerr (author)2009-07-15

really nice, ill make a few when i get home, fun to play with!

Soodime (author)Redgerr2009-07-16

yeah, u can mold them into a bunch of shapes too

tetris (author)2009-06-28

I think this is a really neat project. Simple, yet lifesaving at times. But you put down balloon instead of latex glove.

Redgerr (author)tetris2009-07-15

yeah in step 1 :P

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