Mini Survival Kit





Introduction: Mini Survival Kit

And yet another kit just different, maybe better

Step 1: Items Needed

Altoids like can
Flint and Steel bar
Sharpener(optional use also knife)
Fishing hooks and line
Match striker
Plastic bags 1 or 2
Money 10 is enough
Match dart (link to zorro3355's diy:

Step 2: Preparation

Take your key and wrap your fishing line around it, start the line through the hole and end it there then tape.
fold the zip locs till you can not anymore then wrap with rubber band

Step 3: Packing It All

just follow the images(something happened on image 2)?

Step 4: Fine'

all done go kill some birds and camp



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    Add crédit card fresnel lens.
    Add piece of dry clay for drinking water.
    Add Green clay powder for injury.

    Add crédit card fresnel lens.
    Add piece of dry clay for drinking water.
    Add Green clay powder for injury.

    Good kit

    I would recommend adding a knife. The knife is easily the most important tool for survival. Check out my new Altoids Survival Tin instructable for more insight on how I've incorporated a knife in my kit. :)

    i swear the guy in the car is my schools computer teacher haha he has to sit on two chairs and smells like crap :( nasty one time he fell down in class hilarious:)

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    yeah and his brother is my dad :P


    check out this:
    it's what i have in my kit

    or dental floss without wax. it's very strong and takes less space

    i just saw the "match" part of the dart would use a professional dart if your gonna try to kill something a match stick with feathers and a needle wouldnt kill anything you need weight

    personally i think your dart idea isnt a bad idea if you leave the poison part out i hope your really not serious with the poison.... but a dart could be capable of killing a squirrel or chipmunk in survival situations you cant expect to kill a buffalo its small game you should focus on and as for being a good aim practice playing darts chipmunks will come within 10 feet of you if baited and they are larger then a bulls eye.... im gonna try to take out a rodent with a dart on my next outting thanks for the idea

    A wire saw takes up very little room, and can be extremely useful.

    And a condom for carrying water would be very useful...

    Wow.  I wont read all those comments, but for the first person asking what the plastic bag is for?  I have a list for you hehe.  I am doing a clients articles right now so I have a whole truckload of Survival Gear info right now :o)

    Here ya go:
    Trash Bag: Although this is an item you see in many households, it can be used for other things besides trash. Just a few examples include a sail, sail sled, kite, fresh water still, water container, floating device, poncho, transportation still, gear bag, lashing material, temporary patch, can be melted and used as an adhesive, camp shower or even as a winter coat.

    Have fun!

    I've seen the plastic bags used on a few survival kits but I'm still not sure what they are used for, could you please tell me?

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    Trash bags or plastic is almost a must in a kit. Every thing in your kit should me a multitasker. Bags are one of those multitaskers. A bag can be used as a poncho, to make a solar still, to waterproof your shelter, to catch rainwater, to carry or store water, …

    To carry some what large amounts of water, rather than your hands or something.

    in that case wouldn't something a bit stronger be better? when I read your comment i tested its practibility and the weight of water forced the bag to tear where i was holding it.