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Introduction: Mini Sword

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This miniature Braveheart inspired whiskey/martini sword took me about 30 minutes to make.

Tools you need:

1 framing nail
Small brass nail or thick brass or copper wire
drill with a small drill bit (1/16)

Here is the beautiful video of the making process.

Step 1: Making a Handle

First we need to make a hole in the nail for the future handle guard. I fixed the nail on the anvil with the clamping wrench and marked the hole with a center punch. When i drilled the hole with an 1/16 drill bit.

Next step is shaping the handle. It's easy to do with an improvised lathe (drill) and a file. After I finished shaping with a file, I polished it with a 250 and 800grid sand paper. It's easier to polish the handle at this stage, while the blade is not flat yet.

Step 2: Shaping the Blade

Now you can try yourself as a real blacksmith, but on a smaller scale. =)

Heat up the nail with a blowtorch and bang it with a hammer on an anvil. Nail is pretty soft than its red hot. If you don't have a blowtorch you can still flatten the nail. All you need is a bigger hammer and more patience.

After initial shaping of the blade on an anvil, I flatten it out with a file.

Step 3: Sharpening

I used a file to setup sharp corners of the blade. Then polish it with the sandpaper 250grid and 800grid.

Step 4: Making a Handle Guard

To make a handle guard we need a small brass nail. Put it through the hole we drilled before and secure it with a few bangs of hammer. Cut the ends with pliers. Brass is very soft metal, you don't need to make it hot to shape. few hits oh a hammer and the handle guards will be flat. Then you can band them and finish them with files and sandpaper.

The more you sand with a high grid sandpaper the more shiny your sword will be.

Step 5: Now You Can Enjoy Your Manly Drink.

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Check out my sword. not bad huh?


This is awesome! I will build mine soon!

Where did you get that tiny anvil?!

You could make a lot of tiny swords and then make the iron throne!

What song was playing in the background? I want to play it when I drink my highland martini.

Really cool project, it was very enjoyable :)

Wow... just wow... (AKA THAT WAS A NAIL!?!?!!?(AKA I just voted, and Favorited this project, and followed you.... !)) ()()()()

Wow... just wow... (AKA THAT WAS A NAIL!?!?!!?(AKA I just voted, and Favorited this project, and followed you.... !)) ()()()()

oh i need to make this. thanks for the instructable. looks awesome. how fun!!!

Err Sorry, but why would anyone want to make this?, except for maybe spearing olives in your drink or using it as a finger nail dirt picker.

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we got something like this in Alaska, they were designed to be reusable tooth picks

Thats the whole nine yards - art, inspiration and craftmanship - brilliant - and the choice of music is spot on too


Nicely done. You've definitely nailed it with this Instructable, no screwing around here.