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Introduction: Mini Teapot Paper Toy

This is a paper toy that's kind of complicated, but pretty easy to make.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

You will need:

  • paper in assorted colors (printer paper, origami paper, and construction paper all work, but card stock is kind of hard to work with)
  • scissors
  • glue (any glue that you fancy, but a good glue stick always does the trick for me)
  • teapot template: see above

Step 2: The Spout

The pieces in the template, which you can print out and trace or print directly onto the paper you're using, are already labeled with how many of them you need. We'll start by making the teapot spout. You'll need the piece labeled x 1 that is not a circle. To make the spout, wrap the piece around your finger and glue the tabs to secure.

Step 3: The Body

To make the body, attach the end glue tabs of the template that says x 6 (you actually only need 5. Whoops ;)(the short, not curved part) to the smaller circle that says x 1. Then, attach all of the x 6 pieces together. Before attaching the last 2 pieces, glue 2 of the x 2 pieces together and insert in between the x 6 pieces, gluing the tabs down. The glue the x 6 pieces together, holding the handle in place. Then, on the opposite end of where you attached the handle, use the tabs to attach the spout to the teapot.

Step 4: The Lid

Using the x 3 pieces and the larger circle labeled x 1, make a lid. Glue the x 3 pieces together lengthwise and then glue the glut tabs to the larger circle so that it is 3-D. You can add a pom pom or a bottom to the top to make a handle for the lid. Decorate as you like. Ta-da!



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    Hey this is so cute!
    I love the colour and design.
    Looks so cute! Ha ha XD

    1 reply

    Thanks for the kind comment!