these make great gifts, look good on desk or shelf at work.

Step 1: Get Items You Need

You will need

  • Gravel, pebbles, or marbles, or something to go in as a drainage system for the plant roots.
  • Sand
  • Charcoal
  • Soil / Potting Mix, or "cactus soil if doing cacti."
  • Jars

Step 2: Pick Jar or Container

Jars, Mason jars, green tea jars, christmas ornaments

You can use most any open or closed glass containers

Step 3: Drainage System for the Plant Roots.

you need a drainage system for the plant roots, you can use glass, marbles, pebbles, i also add sand.

Step 4: Add Dirt Then Plants And/or Moss

Add dirt then add some plants and/or moss.

Just moss can take over a year to grow!

these make great gifts, look good on desk or shelf at work.

Step 5: Some of the Finished Ones

some of the finished ones

Do you use LED grow lights or the fluoroscein tubes lights ?
<p>wow, project for tomorrow. thanks!</p>
I never have any luck with terrariums. With mine, plants die, or bacteria or mold start growing(I even had mushrooms!!). Im always just afraid to start a terrarium because Im afraid it will go bad.
<p>great idea! Thanks</p>
<p>Not in my yard does it take a year to grow moss. I got acres of the stuff!</p>
<p>you can sel that moss on ebay or online!</p>
<p>heh I'd like to get rid of some of my moss. I have gotten rid of it at times in the past. I usually scrape it up, then dump the scrapings in my mulch pile. I do not think any of my moss is so nice it is marketable. I view it more as a nuisance than anything else. Some places it is OK I guess. It is kind of like short grass that I don't have to mow. But where the moss has started to infest my lawn I'm kind of against moss then. Half moss, and half grass looks messed up to me.<br> </p><p>The way things are going though I guess I do not have to worry for long. I think the moss is going to win over time. I have too many trees, and not nearly enough sun to combat the spread of moss.</p>
<p>What is the tiny plant that is not moss?</p><p>Also, I watched a DIY show where they took plain yogurt and moss and blended it in a blender. The guy painted the mix on pots so they would grow moss. Apparently the moss eats the yogurt or something. Might help with these.</p>
<p>Hey </p><p>The other plants are , the clover looking bushy one is a wild plant from my yard, the long red stem one is a radish, &quot;i put one a radish seed in and its 6+ months old&quot;, and the tiny plant is a mystery? i ordered some kyoto moss spores and added them to every one i make, but moss and resurrection ferns grow wild here.</p><p>Yes i have seen the moss yogurt thing its pretty cool! i think you can paint red clay pots with just yogurt and simple green algee will grow making pot look older....</p>
These are super cute, have you considered making/selling some?

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