this is a simple tesla coil diy project,based on Single self (A triode and some of the coils produce oscillations and then generate high voltage),use a DC 12V power suply can star it

Schematic diagram almost the same as the picture

it can generating electric spark,aslo you can put a metal ball on the top,then it can light fluorescent lamp

Step 1: Welding Resistance and Capacitance

one is 1k,another is 10k,Welding according to the label on the circuit board

Step 2: Two LEDS

the long foot of the LED is "+",the short foot is "-",welding Accord to the label “”+“”on the circuit board

one LED is for Power indication,another is for showing the working state of the Tesla coil

Step 3: Power Outlet and Switch

Step 4: Triode

Step 5: Secondary Coil

you need Use a knife to scrape the surface of the paint,Otherwise can not conductive

at last need use glue to fix it on the pcb

Step 6: Four Foot

Step 7: Power On

12v power

if the Welding is all right,two LEDs light and on the top,there is a spark

Step 8: Non Essential Steps

if you want put the metal on the top,aslo need Scrape the surface paint,then use the Copper paper fix the wire on the metal ball

Step 9: Enjoy!

Is this from a kit? If so, where do you get it.
<p>Our kit has 2 of exactly the same resistors, Red Blue Blue Red Red. Has anyone else enountered this?</p>
<p>what is the name of the kit, an a link to order it would be ji</p>
<p>L1 is missing and the direction to install it is not in the mini tesla coil diy direction that I printed out. I went back to the page and I stall can not find anything about l1. Can you please putout the info for L1.</p><p>bhank62</p>
<p>L1 is in the board</p>
<p>It was an uphill fight, but! I did it and my friends and LOVE it! This was a lot of fun building it. thank you!!</p>
<p>I managed to get the kit but there is no lead for the power nor is there a power supply. I do have the socket that needs to be soldered to the board but what is it we are supposed to use for power? Is that missing from my kit ... I have the Mini Tesla Coil kit</p>
<p>use any DC power (voltage 12v-24v.current 1A-2A)</p>
<p>As a point it would be nice to have a sheet that inventories everything that should be in the kit ... or even a photo with all items arranged and visible.</p>
<p>I got to the coil portion of this guide and when I went to take the bottom wire and begin scraping it, a light pull ended up detaching the end of wire coming out of the bottom of the coil.<br><br>Any suggestions at this point as to how to remedy this? There is only a small portion of visible wire where it was detached from. Am I able to solder the detached piece back together?</p>
<p>if you mean it broken on the bottom,it is easy fix it,first you need take off the White tape,and use your Finger hold copper wire(IMPORTANT),then Take off a circle,and put the tape back,done!</p>
<p>Thank you for the response, I will try this tonight once I am off work.</p>
<p>you mean the wire Broken on the bottom?</p>
<p>how do you tell what is a 1k and 10 k resistors? and where are the wires from the coil do i unravel some from the coil? </p>
<p>google Five color ring resistance identification</p>
<p>we figured it out!</p>
<p>I did not have the red button part though there does not seem to be a place for it nor the feet, although there is not a place for them either. Also, the power conector does not say what to do with the third (ground?) connector, nor is there a cord for the plug. it was a mini tesla coil that I purchased, Also, with out instructions I assumed that one of the end of the coil wire gets soldered to the center whole, and the other end goes to the outer whole. I have it drying with the glue now but Im sure I did do it correctly. At least I can't tell till I get some power!!</p>
<p>Banianji pointed me in the correct direction, I have to redo my coil connection but everything else seems correct. </p>
<p>maybe yours is the old?</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Micro-Tesla-Coil-Project/</p>
<p>Thank you, you were correct, I had the Micro not the Mini. </p>
<p>In the schematic provided, where is the 1k and the other LED? how do they are wired? </p>
<p>Many, many thanks</p>
<p>Can you please provide an updated schematic? Can you please indicate where is the primary coil and the secondary, how does the 2 LEDs are connected with the 1k resistor? It will be much appreciated. Thank you. </p>
<p>I received the kit from Aliexpress. Instructions were clear except the polarity of the DC power jack were not clearly stated. I nearly shorted it out by reversing the polarity. The center plug of the jack is positive(+). The sleeve is negative(-). Fortunately I did not harm the circuit. It draws about 400 mA at 12VDC. It functions exactly as depicted in the Instructable. FUN!</p>

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