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Introduction: Mini Tetris Arcade

I've seen lots of small arcade machines on the internet (mostly made of GBAs or small portable emulator devices) and the idea cached my imagination. I wanted something similar which is both decorative and functional.  With the help of my father I made the Tetris arcade which is a small, lcd game based, functional mini (14 cm / 5,5 inches tall) arcade machine.  I choose the "9999 in 1 LCD game Tetris"  because every household in Hungary hat at least 5 of them ( they are really cheap) and if I ruin it it's easily replaceable. (short closed the first one when it was nearly finished)

The outer shell is made of really thick cardboard and secured with small wooden rods and glue. The buttons are regular buttons  expect the joystick, which is 4 micro switch secured together in a tricky way, I'll write about this later ( thanks dad!) 

The buttons are connected to the ribbon cable (which comes from the screen) with the help of a small terminal connector. (see the pic). I soldered the terminal connector to the end of the ribbon cable, and this is where I attached the cables of the buttons.  It's possible to make it this way because the input depends on which wires from the ribbon cable are connected together. For example if 1 and 2 are connected and the button is pushed down, it starts the game. The 5th and the 6th cable restarts the whole system.

As I mentioned earlier the joystick is really tricky. I attached a sketch (sorry, it's made in Paint) how it's assembled. it's actually  just  4 switches and a flat piece of Lego (without edges) secured together with clips. (it's great because I didn't needed analog conversion for the D-pad). The rod of the joystick is glued into the hole of the Lego. I secured the 4 switches on a soldering board. I trimmed down the edges of a flat Lego piece and put it on top of the 4 switches. Then I took 2  gem clips (not the colored ones) and made an x like in the sketch. I secured together the whole joystIck with it, even made a small cut at the side of the lego piece just to make it more secure. 

The batteries are held on a small "shelf" . I used the original battery holder of the game trimmed down to size.
it even has a LED light on top, and it looks really cool in the dark. 
I replaced the speaker, too.

The decoration is cut out from the original packaging of the game.

UPDATE: I attached a video of it, check it out!

(sorry for my English, and if you liked it, vote for me at the Game.Life 3 contest!)



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    This is cool.

    Did you take any photos while you were making it?

    5 replies

    Sadly no, but i can take it apart and show the inner components if you wish :)

    As long as you don't destroy it - I think folk would be most interested in how you wired the external buttons (especially the joystick) to the game's original contacts.

    UPDATE 2! I Attached a video of the machine!

    Updated with pictures :) I'm glad you liked it as it's my first real Instructable here :)

    I agree about including some more pictures. I really like how this came out, show us more please!

    Im a hungerian :) always hungry

    De Jo :) ez a "vegre egy magyar!:D"

    Szóval akkor tudsz magyarul is? So do u know Hungarian too?:)

    1 reply

    Hát, magyar állampolgárként beszélni az anyanyelvem nem lesz nehéz :D

    Hi i made the jam filled cookies you commented on Geli,:) and yes im Hungarian but how did u find out from a recepie???:) im very curious:)by the way i love this little machine its very interesting.;)

    1 reply

    Just look at the stuff you use :D they're all Hungarian :D
    Glad to see Hungarians here :D
    Thanks for the nice comment! ;)

    actually a coin hole would be huge

    Could you please explain how you made the joystick? please.

    3 replies

    Okay,i added some more details, i hope it's clear now!

    Well thanks, I think I understand, I was just saying make an instructable just about the joystick kinda like this one:

    You can call it tiny joystick or micro joystick or something like that. A lot of people make this machines and they have to buy expensive joysticks. And I though this one is the best so far, that was all. Thanks for your attention. The arcade looks awesome. By the way, I have the same game.This instructable is great.

    Okay, that sounds great, I'll make a separate Instructable with step-by-step instructions and more pictures! :)

    Very Cool! thanks for sharing!