This is a small torch that I made on a rainy day. It can be made pretty easily with a few materials. I hope you enjoy!

I took these pictures with my new Ipod Touch™ 4th generation. It's pretty cool!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this let me know.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for what you do with your mini torch. Please use it wisely.

Step 1: Materials

  • A steel rod 10'' to 13'' is a good length
  • Cone type thing (I got mine out of a fan I took apart)
  • Glue
  • Straw, grass, or a rag covered in something flammable (this will be the "light")


I need this when my teacher locked her keys in an armord door
You can stuff it with fiberglass insulation soaked in kerosene - I tried it and it works great!
This is SOOOOOO cool! ah wanna make it...mebbe i will sometime :) You may have answered this, but will the glue melt from the heat of the torch?
Yes, eventually. I used E-6000 this really cool stuff to seal it up once more!
Ok, thnx! Time to take apart my fan...lol jk but I rly do need a new fan. Its pink with flowers... blech :(
Yeah, blech!
I wanna repaint my roomtoo, right now its baby blue (eh...) I wanna make it neon green, neon orange, and a different blue
Cool! My bedroom is really modern!
oh, thanks! It's nice. what new instructables do you have planned?
well, im president of my schools Go Green club and every year right before/after break we have a "shovunda" which is a re-gifting party. The thing is, the day right before break we were supposed to have it on it snowed (not alot) but they cancelled all after-school activities and made us go home early. So then we rescheduled it but I forgot my camera, so im trying to get pics. So yea the instructable is on how to have a shovunda. Hbu?
I'm probably making a really cool table!
Kewlio! XD with what?
the pole and hub off of a rear end differential, recycled wood, lots of tools
lol methinx your prob gonna need some tools too :D Sounds cool, cant wait to see it!
oh, I already took out the pole and hub. I just need the wood!
Awesome :D lol we were talking about a torch and now a table...
hey i think it is cool now i am the first to see it and wright about it
your actually not. look on the first page.
Very cool! (hah hah guess it's really very very "hot"lol) Who is the model in the photos?
Thanks! It does get hot! :-D My sister and I are the models, do you think we have a future in hand modeling. I look like a chubby little boy in the pic where I'm stuffing the rag in the cone but I am 6' tall and pretty skinny. You knowv what they say, the camera adds 10 pounds!
would a cake frosting tip work for the cone?
It would have to be metal, but sure!
Try braising instead of welding.
Brazing wouldn't even work on it. There was literaly no metal in the cone. I had no idea what of what it was made of. Thanks though.
If there is no metal in the cone then how does it stand up to the heat of the torch? What exactly IS the cone made out of?
I don't really know. It's pretty much just pot metal. I wish I had a picture of it but I trashed it because It was of no use to me.
Ok now you aren't making sense - was there metal in it (It's pretty much just pot metal) or not (There was literaly no metal in the cone)?
It's pot metal. I am making sense because pot metal is has a super low melting point and contains little metal. Pot metal is used to make quick inexpensive castings. My comments didn't make a lot of sense but if you put it together and googled pot metal you could understand.
Hm, I think JB Weld would be a bit better than superglue in this situation. I'm pretty sure superglue is quite flammable and/or suspectable to deterioration from heat. I mean, we wouldn't want a huge flaming cone falling on someone, right? But anyway, nice instructable! =)
Yeah, I only used it once. I got some new jb weld and I fixed it.
Okay, then!
&quot;JB weld&quot; and &quot;super glue&quot; both deteriorate in high heat.<br><br>I suggest using some wire to attach the &quot;cone&quot; to the shaft.
Confused? Drill some holes and attach the cone with wire. I thought of about 2 different ways to do it when I wrote the original comment.

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