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I built this tractor because I go to many tractor shows and festivals where there are lots of cool renovated tractors, huge custom engines, and vintage vehicles.  I had a bad case of tractor-envy, but just didn't have the money (and it is BIG money) to acquire one of these tractors and bring it to show condition.  So I thought I'd build a small tractor to show what could be done with recycled parts!

I made my tractor out of dolly wheels, an old pump engine, scrap wood, deck screws, a go kart clutch, and assorted hardware I had from previous projects. The price?  A little over $15.00. I had no plans when making it. I enjoyed the freedom of building a vehicle from scratch.  But I DID have a little inspiration from internet sites like this: 

I only used basic tools (that a good garage SHOULD have) like a power drill, socket set, tap and die, etc. The hardest part of the whole project was getting the steering to work, and painting it John Deere green. The tractor was so ugly before painting it in my driveway.

I hope you use these pictures as inspiration for your own projects. I'm driving my tractor in a local parade.  My sister and brother are riding in the wagon in the back, pulling an authentic John Deere bell that I mounted at the last minute. Also, this tractor is 98% recycled. Some parts on the exhaust pipe have been replaced. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

P.S. Why yes! That IS my wimpy lil' tractor passin' a hemi!



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    This is very cool. I love the simplicity of the plans your inspiration came from. I'm working on a design based on the same plans but a bit heavier duty to do some light garden work.

    that's so cool , is the base /frame made with wood too , i really want to make one of these but with bicycle wheels and frame , do u have a plans on how to make the frame of the vehicle?

    Where can I find plans for this?

    What horse pwer is the engine? Ive got to make one of these!!!!!

    how did u make the steering? have u got a pic from underneath the steering?

    i plan pn building one this summer and making a snow plow attachment for it

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    If you expect it to actually plow much snow, make it much larger, heavier, and bigger engine. It might be as easy to just make it a snow blower front end instead of a plow.

    I need an engine but I cant find one. I have an old lawn mower engine but I don't know If it will work?

    Where did you get your engines, I have been looking around for some cheap ones so that I may build this project but I cant find any!

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    Go to harbor freight, i built a second one of these suckers using one of thier engines. Go to their website if you don't live near them, but if you do, there is always a 20% off coupon in the mail. Also, look for old air compressors, washing machines (OLD ONES), and edgers. Another option would be to take one from a minibike. Also, check out swap meets and go to tractor shows. My neighbor gave me the engine because he was moving out so really, it was just out of luck that I got it.

    Hey! a poppin' johnny! if the engine goes out, go to the autions and get an old hit-and-miss john deere engine lol

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    The original plans actually called for a hit-and-miss engine or an old washing machine engine, but I was broke at the time, and the briggs engine was free!
    In the end, this whole project cost me around $13.

    What a neat summer project! You should send pictures to John Deere. Can't wait to see what you will offernext summer .