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I finally got a welder a couple weeks ago and this is the first thing i did with it. it a copy (a bad copy at that) of one my grandpa made a long time ago. the motor housing is a steel outlet box, the seat, wheels, and steering wheel are water valve knobs. the main support on the bottom is part of an old lawn chair. the axles, seat support, and steering wheel column are steel dowels out of a washing machine (i think they held the drum up), the hitch is a washer and the exhaust pipe is a bolt. if you need any further explanation of how to make it please comment and I'll help as best i can. if anyone decides to make one please post a picture.



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    dont be so hard on yourself although we are our own worst critic. I think it looks great

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    This is the kind of project that your children's children will even be able to enjoy. Great work.

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