it cost u only $1

or u can say Rs = 54

It can be use for - Tabletop fountains , Aquarium etc:


it is Very Strong Do not go in size of motor It is very high power water flow

Step 1: Material requires

1 Adopter for power
2 gear for wheer
3 pipe 
4 Dc motor
5 All out refill cap
4 bottle cap
How much power did u supplied
you can use a vibration motor from an xbox controller!
yes u can but just take out the vibrator <br>i also use same motor from rc car toy
pls gv a to z steps such as resistor value, motor volt ,
Dude.. It's up to u that what soruce adopter or ac volt u r using <br>i thik just use the mobile charger (5v,9v) or pc power supply (12 v)
How effective is it? Would it be able to compare to <a href="http://www.aquateck.com" rel="nofollow">pumps edmonton</a>?
liked the article, has a lot of potential, can you please expand the number of steps? provide specs for the motor? although you provide a you tube link, all that shows is the water pump working. I appreciate the time you took to upload the video and the 3 step guide, but can you please provide a more comprehensive step-by-step guide? fyi, am looking to build a trickle waterfall garden bird bath, but I want to build it from scratch.

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