Introduction: Mini Wooden Balisong

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My first instructable

Step 1: Materials

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Paint sticks Marker/pencil Razor blade Nails(with threads on them) Super glue Power sander 2 small bolts 2 small nuts (that's what she said) hehe

Step 2: Handles Part 1

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Cut paint stick in half Cut 4 sticks about 3.2 inches long Cut 2 strips 2 mm long and the same width as handles.

Step 3: Blade Part 1

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Draw out the blade shape Cut it out carefully (Remember to leave room to attach the handles) Use your sander to sharpen the blade

Step 4: Handles Part 2

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Sand the handles round Sand the end just to make the blade spin a little bit more freely

Step 5: Handles Part 3

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Drill a hole in each of the handle pieces with a 5/64 inch drill bit

Step 6: Blade Part 2

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Mark where the holes have to be Drill the holes with a 7/64 inch drill bit Check if the handles don't hit each other

Step 7: Handles Part 4

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Glue on the back spacer for the handles Line up the handle holes with a nail and then glue the handle together

Step 8: Handles Part 5

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Step 9: Blade Part 3

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Hammer in your middle pins and cut them to length If they are loose just glue them in place If there are cracks in any part of the knife glue them

Step 10: Finish the Butterfly Knife

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Make the holes big enough for your bolt and then screw on the nut.

Step 11: Now Your Done!

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If you want you can color the handles or blade


XxChrisTheCreatorxX (author)2016-07-28

I'm making it today

lamp3345 (author)2014-03-04

Cool I will make it

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