Mini Wreath Christmas Gift DIY




Introduction: Mini Wreath Christmas Gift DIY

I made this mini wreath Christmas gift. You can gift to your teacher.

I love it. it's simple and easy. It doesn't cost much.Especially I bought those fancy buttons from JoAnn store. Materials:

1) Felt

2) Floral wire

3) wool/ribbons

4) Matte Netting

5) Sequin

6) Chenille Stems

7) Fancy Buttons

8) Popsicle stick

9) Hot glue

Step 1: How to Make

First, we take the floral wire and make a small circle shape and cut it. Then we will wrap the circle with chenille stems. Then we will cut the small small pieces of leaves from the felt and attached it to the circle. Then we will attach the wool for hanging. Then we will make a tiny bow with red netting and attach it. Then we will decorate the mini wreath with fancy buttons and sequin. And last, attach the popsicle to the back of the mini wreath. And write down the name of your loved one whom you want to give this tiny cute little gift.



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