Mini XY Laser Engraver by Makeblock




Introduction: Mini XY Laser Engraver by Makeblock

As one of the most practical kits in Makeblock platform, XY Plotter functions as a drawing robot in its initial form and a laser engraver after adding an add-on pack. Makeblock XY Plotter has been highly acclaimed in various exhibitions, such as Maker Faire. However, the size of XY means it's not a portable machine, especially for people who need to present it during every business trip. Hence we designed this mini XY laser engraver for portability.

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Step 1: Assemble the Frame

Step 2: Assemble the Linear Motion Slide & Shaft

Step 3: Install the Supporting Leg

Step 4: Assemble the Short Beam0824 (1)

Step 5: Assemble the Short Beam0824 (2)

Step 6: Install the Other Set of Linear Motion Slide & Shaft

Step 7: Fix the Stepper Motor Module

Step 8: Install the U Bracket

Step 9: Assemble the Timing Pulley

Step 10: Assemble the Long Shaft and Timing Belt

Step 11: Fix the Timing Belt

Step 12: Install the Other Stepper Motor Module

Step 13: Install the Fixing Plates

Step 14: Install the Timing Belt

Step 15: Install the Laser Head

Step 16: Install the Micro Switch

Step 17: Install the Orion Main Board and Laser Driver

Step 18: Install the Stepper Motor Driver

Step 19: Wire Up and Install the Footpad

Step 20: Sucess



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