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I am science lover .Being in Http:// and   I am learning great knowledge from friends all over the world. The longer time I   am staying ,the stronger emotion to make something .
Now I am making a Mini Xco2 wind-solar hybrid led garden lighting from junk that I can get easily,just for fun!

Step 1: Material Prepairation

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Nothing is unusable! All junks may be your dedicated solders if you make yourself a general!Maybe I am a good general,because I am always keep the junks in a box and think they can become alive someday!
So let us see this insructable may be used to inform the mini gen:
DCextractor fan ;plasticblade from bigger extractor fan ;solar cell (from my son's fan cap);conducting wire;bad Computer hard discs;   aluminum   shell from switch power supply; pencil sharpener;
bad circuit pcb that you can get elecronic elements you need in this insructable AB binder;li-ion cell (16800mah);  plastica box of hot pepper sauce ; wood board of pencil ;pins;
screws;some tools obviously good tool like Craftsman may offer efficiency and convenient done.obviously good tool like Zing laser machine may offer best looks done.

Step 2: Electric Circuit Design

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The electronic circuit include wind rectification boost dc to dc step up solar boost dc to dc step(joule thief you can find a lot of design of the theory and practise in ,led glistening circuit;
The pcb I use the pencil wood board and pins and AB binder to fasten the section;
very easy and convenient to do.and the pins give fine welding properties(I bet I was the first one in the world to do so,:)
I add a sun controll circuit to operate he led only glitter at night but the wind turbine charge the battery all day and all night.

Step 3: Total Assembling

Picture of Total Assembling

The excited moment is coming !And it"s time to reveal the purpose  of  pencil sharpener:)
Let disorder come fiercely in my home! Let  the junks live vigorously !

Step 4: Merry Christmas

Picture of Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!
This wind winter does not feel so cold :)
Oh,my wife is coming (I used her nail varnish to screw anti-rust!)
Thank you for enjoy.


ibenkos (author)2015-01-25

Awesome project :)

caasim (author)2011-08-23


dasimpson1981 (author)2010-12-24

here is my testing wind turbine taken down at moment till i get better plastic for the blades
i used to get between 2 and 2.5 volt
i did make a turbine with two of these on so i could get the 3.5-4volt for the 2.4 volt battery pack that ran the dark detection circuit shown below
if i had the right transistor i would of used the joule thief thersion shown below

I made the same thing just 12 times bigger and im only 10 and it powers my room 3-5 iv benn in gate class so i know how a ferieckien cannon is built

well done! the circuit is simple but efficiency !
What is the left diode volt drop down it must be lower than the PN of the triode?

You see the leds are still on at 20:31 25th/12 here :) ,I just put it at the window in cloud day sunshine for a day without using wind turbine.

inside in the window or outside

inside in the window :)
I think with good sun shine outside summer the power would last longer.
I used 2*65vma,2.4v or so solar cell.
parallel connection by joule thief.
Others.the wind turbine does not need pegs on back of bearing.The magnet attracts the moter iron core autmaticly.

yeah you will be losing nearly all the power by it been inside put it outide the window and watch the ampage double

You know we have not special tools and enough materials for design and extra exquisite work .That is a drawback! All parts should be selected by junks already used ,and then be assembled properly by imagination,which is not easy an time-killing.:)

everything i have used is junk or what i had laying about
i have alot of junk im a pc tech also
i think you might need a bigger tail because once that blade gets upto speed they is going to be alot of reverse force

With harddisc bearing excellent smoothness.the tail is enough:)

yeah true jusy i found ethern with the smothest of baring it was still staying ne way the tail thin wasent big enogth

:)All I should do is to fly the generator on a pole and then you will believe all.
Famous leader Mr.Mao zedong said: Only the results of practice can test the truth of theory!:-)
After some days i will post some videos.Just be waiting... :-)

i ant saying it dosent work im just saying they is maybe better ways

I rivised the dark test circuit.There was a fault last time.

Oh!I misunderstood your words.:) I will fly it in the new year holiday.

I have put the up piece of wire groove on.:) very nice.

:) yes.I have got great funs from the mini gen.

efanfengshun (author) says:
Leds turned off at 22:00 now here.;It turded on at 17:00 or so.lasted tota about 5 hours without wind turbine function in cloudy winter day.

i used a 1n914 what i had to hand but a Schottky is best

From my test the joule thief does work well to charge the battery by solar cell..:)

The wind turbine cautch the wind but the camera didnot catch the wing spinning :)

The real date is 25th /12 i have not set it.

The time we see is us time i think because the web serve is in us.) It is 20:22 in my home.

yes.clever design of using less units.

dasimpson1981 (author)2010-12-24

it say's 12/24/2010

8 watt tube,joute thief so powerfull!
I admire the spirits of work and research of foreigners!
Most of moden civilizitions began from oveseas.

ah you only got that far wait till they start using car coils and light 6 foot tubes plus other bubls

:D yes,they did! shocking!

that looks like the fuji camera curcuit

:) very funny !

just found out my joule thief starts at 0.50 volts i used a solar panel and a cap shown a tourch on it watched the voltage rise hit .50volts and blink the led come on bright then went off pitty i sont hav any super caps

efanfengshun (author)2010-12-24

I find out an easy way to increase the current A from joule thief ,but not continuous current :)

dasimpson1981 (author)2010-12-24

you also have the fact that Li-ion batteys need a special charger

I used 2* 2.5v /60vma solar cell at my window cloud day to test,two leds kept glittering for about 3 hours. Not use wind turbine.
1.the solar joule thief circuit did charge the battery.
2.leds only turned on at night.

if you had put a cap in parallel with the solar panel you will find the blinking might of stoped

Yes i did .:) very funny!

wow i just noticed the tim 6 pm for you it is 2 am here

wow !yes,We have eaten the turkey ! It is 12月25日 here:)

you can not use a joule thief to charge a battery they monly step up voltage not ampage

ok but you do relise that the panel my be 60 ma max it dose not mean you get that best way to test the ampage you will get from the panel is to put a 100ohm resistor on the pos and neg of the pan then measure the voltage
take the voltage devide that by the resistance you will get the ampage that it is producing also bare in mind this will rise and fall

were the large cap is swap for a 2.4 volt battery bank

the voltage will rise on the battery but it dosent charge properly

I think all we argue about is the point of how to get and store weak power for more efficiecy.
That is a big research.
There may be good ic to solve the circuit problem,with successful theories.

i am on a website we reserch the joule thief and what it is and isent able to do
and we have used joule thief to light leds from earth batterys solar wind etc etc
i have friends who have powercuts oftern and go for days with out power so trust me we try every idea and the idea of a joule thief to charge batterys was dismissed about 300 pages ago of a 1000 page thread at 15 posts per page
the locngest we have recorded a unit working is 40hours plus

Can you tell me the website address and share your knowledge?

if you wont to know anything send me a private massage and ill do my best to help
looks like you have some knoledge of the joule thief as the one you made isent normaly were ppl start

Thank you !Elecronic is just my hobby -:)

mine also i just tend to get lost on some of the math but hey so did Einstein
he was also dyslexic like i am

:) you will succeed someday!

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