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Introduction: Mini Xmas Gift Parcels

There are some things money can’t buy.  Like a handmade gift.  Why not go a step further and put together your own handmade GIFT PARCEL!  You can fill these gift parcels with cookies, sweets or chocolate treats to give your friends and family a most heartwarming surprise.

I actually made these cute little gift parcels for my friends a few Christmases ago.  They loved it.  These gift parcels are not only fun, but really easy to make.  I’ve included templates in this entry for download.  The templates were created by tracing actual full-size post parcels (those you can find in post offices), then scaled down to fit A4 size.

Step 1: Materials

1. 200gsm A4 size colored papers
2. Corrugated cardboard
3. Twines/ribbons/strings
4. Scissors
5. Stick glue/double side tape
6. Ruler
7. Cutter Knife
8. Paper scorer
9. Cutting mat

Download template here and print template over colored papers
(don’t forget to fit to A4 size when printing).

Step 2: Cut

Cut out template outlines with cutter knife
(make sure you cut only along the definite lines, and not the dotted ones).

Step 3: Score & Fold

Use a paper scorer to score and fold along the dotted lines
(using a paper scorer is not mandatory but if you don’t, the folds won’t turn out as neat).

Step 4: Glue Top Flap

Glue top right flap (b) over the top left flap (a).  When done, the kink on the top right flap (d) should slot nicely into the little hole on the top left flap (c).

Step 5: Glue Bottom Flap

Apply glue on bottom flap (f) and fold over the 2 side flaps (e).  Continue to fold inwards to glue the bottom flap back onto itself.
(if stick glue doesn’t stick well, try using double-sided tape.  However, you have to be extremely careful with double-sided tape because once you stick them, there is no turning back!)

Step 6: Glue Corrugated Papers

Cut out corrugated cardboard pieces to fit cover and base:

10.5cm x 7.5cm (cover)
base: 15.5cm x 7.5cm (base)

Paste corrugated cardboard pieces on respective surfaces. They provide better structural support for the parcel.

Step 7: Glue Cover Flap to Base Side

Paste linking surface of cover and base (h) with (g).

Step 8: Fill It Up With Goodies!

Fill your gift parcel the goodies and write a personal message on the cover if you like.
Tie the parcel with strings or ribbons and finish it off with a sweet bow. :)

Hope this craft would be useful to you. Do visit my website for more exciting D.I.Y crafts!




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    sooo cool.can't wait to try to make one myself (maybe to keep) lol

    Love it, Thanks

    This is sooooo good,. I love it :)

    What are the exact measurements for the boxes?

    just print the template on a A4 paper.

    Yeah, I just found that. These are SO adorable!

    Sorry, I found the "download template here"