Introduction: Mini Aluminium Warrior

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It's my first time to make this as my hobby,i like fantasy armor so much,so i start make this with aluminum cans.

My tools as below:

Empty cans

Cutter (any)

wire(adjustable for body)

pen(make line on armor)

double side tape

black tape

Step 1: Helm^.^

Picture of Helm^.^

Step 2: Arm Plate

Picture of Arm Plate

Step 3: Armor Plate

Picture of Armor Plate

Step 4: Shield

Picture of Shield

Step 5: Almost Done^.^

Picture of Almost Done^.^

Step 6: Making Axe With Nail and Aluminum Cans

Picture of Making Axe With Nail and Aluminum Cans


Nemesis-Perilous (author)2017-11-16

I Love his Helm!

Gregbot (author)2015-01-06


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-01-05

Daww he's so cute and menacing! Very nice job, I can't wait to see what else you upload!

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