Mini Battery Powered Soldering Iron!


Introduction: Mini Battery Powered Soldering Iron!

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Hello, this time i am here with a modification of my previous battery powered soldering iron . This one is very very short sized this uses only 4 AA batteries and does the work a a good soldering iron 1 Hope you will like it it very compact like a thick bold marker!
And it can work like an 35 watt soldering iron and it's very safe to use also because it  takes 10 seconds max to get  very very hot and 5 secs to cools down . The actual thing is you simply need to press a button and in 10 secs it ready to use.

Step 1: Stuff You Need!

All you need is some common house hold stuff! and if you don't have it you can easily buy one from any general store !

1. Paper , pencil ,  A pair of scissors , transparent tape and some sketch pens !

2. Rechargeable battery * 4

3. Some hard metal strips , pliers , wires and soldering stuff!

Step 2: Procedure

Now you are going to the final procedure  


  • This procedure is quiet tricky first connect four Rechargeable AA 1.5 volts batteries in series .

  • Tape them as i have done or you can do it your own way it's your choice what you prefer.

  • Now connect a push button to the negative terminal and connect a hard core wire to the other side of the push button the stick it with some glue.

  • Now connect a power jack holder or "i don't know what it called" to the batteries for charging them. You can see how i did it.

  • Take a metal strip fold it like a tight lead holder and rub the other side so you can solder it and the solder it like i had done.

  • Now put the graphite pencil lead and insert in in the metal strip.

  • Now solder the metal strip with a high wattage soldering iron.

  • Wrap the hard core wire connected to the negative terminal such that it's quiet far from the other side.

  • Here you go! Just press the push-button and wait for 10 secs and it will start smoking this smoking will not happen after 10 to 20 times use.



Step 3: Casing and Finishing

Once you've made the whole setup now it time for casing . The casing is also important cause it prevents the heat of the main body to catch you fingers . And it looks pretty well too. I used a simple cardboard and painted it with water color so it looks pretty !

Step 4: Author Tips

These are simple instructions and description of this soldering iron!


  • This soldering iron get's hot in only 10 secs ! It's the mAximum time taken by this iron to get hot in fact if the battery's power is at 60% it get's hot in only 4 to 5 secs .
  • The battery should be charged regularly after a 5 hrs use and the minimum charge duration should be 5hours at least.
  • Don't use the soldering iron for a long time duration max is 30 secs after 30secs release the push button for minimum 4 seconds the continue for 30 secs again.
  • And don't get confused on what's the tip the graphite lead itself is the tip of it.
  • The graphite rod needs to be replaced monthly!
  • Now that's all Enjoy




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    Can I use cellphone batteries? I have some of them lying around.

    3 replies

    Please read this carefully to the end,

    Let me clear it for once, the battery is the most important part of these projects.
    Now any battery (excluding those freaking coin cells) has the power to do this stuff BUT whats the main point is " CAN THAT BATTERY DELIVER THAT MUCH POWER AT ONCE TO RUN THAT MACHINE? " and the simple answer is NO! Let me give you a practical example: Say you have a Toyota with 1L of fuel and a Ferrari with the same type and amount of fuel, which one do you think will win a race? It's the Ferrari though both have the same amount of energy available ( 1L of gas.) BUT the Ferrari can spend it much faster and win.

    Now, the same happens with a battery, because of a battery's internal resistance, some of them can't give that much power at once to run the iron, so what you need is a battery that can supply a high amount of power at once to run the iron smoothly.

    Now I am listing few types of batteries that can NEVER do this job:

    A 9V battery, Cellphone batteries (but you can stack them in parallel if you have a bunch and try), Coin cells, Cheap AAA or AA cells (I've used fairly expensive ones stacked together).

    If you have any of these, you have no future for this project but if u have some different ones and still can't get the job done then you should try stacking a couple of those together. I hope this helps, and I am not yelling just highlighting that stuff.

    Wow. Thanks for the explanation, now I understand clearly this; you have cleared my doubts. I'll try stack them as you said. Thanks a lot. (And for the example too)

    If something is still unclear , please feel free to ask!

    check the battery's current rating!

    can you explain what i did wrong i mean like i followed every single step

    1 reply

    As i've stated more than 100 times my friend , you need a good battery , as far as I believe you're using a cheap battery , that is used in tv remotes , DONT USE THEM , instead use 4 dura cells or any high current batteries like those.

    I did everything as you have done.But I made a small change.Instead of 4 1.5 VOLTS CELL, I used a 9 VOLT BATTERY. EVEN THEN IT DIDN'T WORK!!! COULD YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN???

    2 replies

    The 9 vots battery is not able to serve rwequired amount of current (AMPS) i guess you are using a HW blue colored 9 volt battery for 12 rupees but as i have explain MR . WANTED you can't use this you have to use a good battery like 6vots sunac battery with high current capacity.

    Dont you think sooner or later the batteries are going to burst. I have read the caution notices and heating the battery is so very dead. Even though the switch is turned off after 30 secs the heat precipitated on +ve terminal is quite risky. The idea is clever things are compact but thats the only thing am not very fond of.

    3 replies

    As far as i think you can make the metal strip wide and long i think this will act quiet like a heatsink and prevent the batteries from bursting.

    I understand that making the metal strip wider and longer would keep it cool, but you also will need to put down is that doing this will also slow down the amount of voltage and current.

    No it will not lower the current or voltage!

    sorry for arguing but i used 2 EW 9vt battery which is each RS 20.

    it is superb
    and I know it wud work bcoz i have tried to make a light bulb using the lead as the filament & gas came out when i connected it to a 6vt battery
    can i use a 9vt battery
    can i use a mechanical pencil refill for the tip (5mm)

    1 reply

    The tip will be very thin and break several times and you can use a 9v battery not problem but with max capacity!

    This is a really bad idea. Using dissimilar cells in conjunction means that you're pushing current through dead cells, and probably fully draining ni-cad cells, which severely limits life.