This is my first go at this so hopefully it passes inspection...?

I designed and made the first of these torches in late 2006 (shocked myself with that date!)  and they have been posted for some time on various engineering forums and on youtube since Dec 2009. This means that all I'm about to do is put up all the build notes that accompany the 4 videos and then add some of the hundreds of still photo's I have in my library.

I know this is weak when it comes to instructable effort since it's already out in the world, but I'm hoping that the original 20+ hours in the video editing alone goes to exonerate me in some way?

I'm thinking that some may find these a fun little project.

The basic version of the torch is mostly made using a metal turning lathe, Some of the more complex versions involve a milling machine as well.

I do try to answer all serious questions and will supply any extra pictures or information if required.

Thanks, hope you like it?  :-)

Step 1: The Main Body.

All measurements are metric. But with a little jiggery pokery you can find the imperial equivalent for the threads I'm sure.

Text to accompany Video 1.
1/   Cut length of 13mm (1/2") hex or 14mm (9 1/6") round brass bar to be finished to 25mm(~1") length. Round bar at 13mm (1/2") will show thread cut on outside and can be hard to get rid of. That's if it doesn't tear through the side?! 14mm bar allows a quick lateral turning with the cap blank screwed tight so it mates perfectly.(before the cap is cut and shaped!) Hex shows thread slightly but a light draw filing or lapping sorts this.

2/  Face off both ends.

3/  Centre drill.

4/  Using 5mm drill, drill through bar.(assuming you have purchased 5mm blue, red, white or green LED?... else a 3mm or 8mm led could be used, depending on power requirements?)

5/  Using 10.5mm drill (prepared for brass if possible.) make a 16mm deep hole for the innards of the torch. Tap the body with a M12x1.5 thread (I always bottom the tap out.)
Cut a recess for the O ring (see video/Crap-O-cad) Just removing the thread should give sufficient space for the main O ring to sit. ( Run the tap back through to chase/clean up thread. remove thread burrs.)

6/   Remove the main body and place to one side. take another length of bar at least long enough to get a parting tool into once it has been cross drilled. .see video1. Turn down to 12mm dia and at least 9mm length.

7/  Cut M12x1.5 thread onto remaining turned section.

8/  Using parting tool cut recess into turned section at base. (approx 1-1.5mm deep depending on the 'O' ring you have selected for the seal)
(you could do parts 7 and 8 in reverse. It wouldn't alter the outcome)

9/ Test fit main body. If a hex bar is used and you want it to line up perfectly then a bit of fine skimming work on the main body length will probably be needed (unless you're lucky)
(The pattern is usually a little off when fully tight, a bit of draw filing or flatting of each of the sides once the torch is completed will true up the pattern enough to fool most eyes.  See video4)
If your not too fussed Like in the video, then leave it!

The torch when off will be where you set it. lined up if you want it that way, and when it's on it'll be where ever it is. Up to you what you want it to finish like.

Jej wery good
<p>This is pretty sweet! </p><p>I'll be making one of these as soon as I get my lathe slighty more geared up.</p>

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