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So I know I have not be making a lot of instructables lately, But I have an excuse


Kiteman (author)2011-07-25

So, where's the step-by-step? Where's the video of it being ridden?

TSC (author)Kiteman2011-07-25

The step by step will come when the chopper is fully done! As for the video I need to get a youtube account!

Kiteman (author)TSC2011-07-25

Well, I hope you're taking plenty of photos, and the YouTube account is simple.

TSC (author)Kiteman2011-07-25

I know a youtube account is simple! Its the part of convincing my parents thats the hard part!

Kiteman (author)TSC2011-07-25

If you like, I could "talk" to them by PM about safe ways to use YouTube, but that would have to wait a couple of weeks, because I'm going on holiday first thing tomorrow.

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