Mini Circular Saw With Dc Motor





Introduction: Mini Circular Saw With Dc Motor

Hello, I show how I made a mini circular saw dc motor advantage he had fitted with a drill chuck (used in the proposed mini drill press), I have done everything trying to go modular, ie the engine to use both for drilling and for the saw.
The mini table saw is simple, all a bit interesting is that I placed the lid hinges to work more comfortably, since the idea is that the mini saw mini drill and share the engine.
The motor is attached by nuts that allow varying the height of the saw cut.
The diameter of the saw blade is 8cm and table dimensions are approximately 28x20 cm.
Thanks for your attention, greetings.



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    10 fingers are a menace too.

    I'm lucky that way. I was born with only 8 fingers, and two thumbs.

    I agree this saw is a little lacking in the safety department.

    OP: while this saw lacks a bit in size and power, there's still a fair bit of stored energy there. Consider the drill chuck's mass is adding to the flywheel effect. So please make sure you bolt/clamp the thing down before you use it. And be careful of your hand placement. If you have your fingers on the stock behind the blade, a kickback will draw your fingers into the blade.

    The table saw is a tool to be seriously respected. The lack of a riving knife is forgivable, given the size of this tool. But the lack of a blade guard, miter slot, fence, and adjustable blade height on this saw really limit the ways you can safely use it. You can't use a sled without a miter slot. And you can't use feather sticks nor a push stick when you don't have a fence.

    Consider the cost of one severed tendon repair could easily exceed the sum cost of every tool in Marc Spagnuolo's workshop.

    Let me share another 2 cents, as a wood "player." (Vs wood worker). The table saw is a really crappy tool for cutting small things. It can be done, if that's all you have. (With the aforementioned sled and/or fence + push sticks). But it's not very efficient. So a small table saw... well. If you have a particular application in mind, and you have figured out how to achieve that goal, safely, then that's great. But this does not look like a tool I would want to "play around" with!

    You're right, it can be dangerous to work with, but I'm trying to improve in this area.
    I have thought about doing an internal structure that covers the circular saw, I'm on it.
    Thank you for your wake-up call.

    hi i have wanted to make something like this for sometime to cut circuit board but never figured out how to make a safety guard that would work without getting in the way. if you come up with something please post or make an updated instructable. have added this to my favorites well done.

    hi what kind of motor did you used?

    Thanks for the pictures, its usefull for me..

    Thanks for the pictures, its usefull for me..


    2 years ago

    Thanks for the pictures, cause that definitely tells me exactly how to build it.

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    hasta un crío entendería las hace falta ser ingeniero.........

    Yes there is vibration problem, I use sergeants to secure a table.

    How did you attach the drill chuck to that motor? Could you do an instructable on that?