A few days ago I went to a local supermarket and I saw that a whole pack of 50 clothespins costs only 3zl(1$) so I decided to buy those as I could make a lot of things from them and they were cheap!

So after a bit of thinking I came up with this catapult and crossbow that I made from only 19 clothespins, a plastic spoon and some other small materials...I thought that it looked cool, so I decided to make an instructable showing how to make it!

There were two versions of this catapult I made!They were pretty similar, but the only difference is that one was made using rubber bands to hold the clothespins together and the other one used hot glue to glue them together(More of a permanent version).

Here is a video of the permanent version catapult I made

Here's a video of the crossbow I made


Step 1: Gathering the Materials

These are the things you require to make the catapult and the crossbow:

20 clothespins
2 binder clips
1 Hot glue gun(Permanent version)
2 hot glue sticks(I think that that all that is required)(Permanent version)
1 plastic spoon
Rubber bands(Temporary version)(But 2 are needed even for the Permanent version)

Things that would help but not necessary are:


You can get all of these stuff in a local supermarket, but if you can't then here are some links to where you can get some of the materials:


Hot glue gun with hot glue sticks:

a lil modification with a pen barrel and it started firing toothpicks with incredible velocity..got a lot of holes in cartons :)) <br>
The temporary version it&acute;s pretty good idea!! ^^<br>
Thank you for idea!
Welcome! :D
kool u could like bring these to the office and have a little war
...lol and school is more like it!
I just embedded the crossbow video <br>ENJOY!
It looks like your on top in the contest.
Glad you think it tops, but I have seen many other entries in this contest that I think are really really good as well! So it really depends on the judges!...<br>Please vote for this if you liked it!
I might,but i'm making something and it might top this but may the best man win!
Ok! What are you making?
I cant say.
Fine I guess I'll just have to wait!
this is really cool! i think i might make the catapult, i have a ton of clothespins that we don't even use :P
If you do them please post some pictures as a reply to this comment!<br>And please don't forget to vote for it!
whoooo hoooo! Can't wait to vote!
T quote the movie &quot;A Christmas Story&quot;, &quot;You'll shoot your eye out kid&quot;
That's brilliant, good work
Thanks glad you liked it ! And don't forget to vote for it in the Launch It Challenge!
will do
nevermind i couldn't find you in the launch it
Ya I know it hasn't been accepted yet , but if it will then please do!<br>Thanks
This is amazing!It got featured!Thanks instructables team and if you would like me to improve it in any way I'm ready to try my best!
This is tatally awesome! Please post this project to the clinic. I think you would get a lot of input from other members who are featured a lot and they could give you an honest review. Here is the link. I hope it gets featured! And win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/community/The-Clinic/
Thanks a lot glad you liked it!
Sorry I didn't post the crossbow vid yet! Its still under progress, I will post it in 1-2 days!<br>Sorry again!
If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this I will be glad to hear them!Even suggestions on the instructable documentation I will be glad to hear as I want to try my best to make this instructable get featured!
See what I mean by u are talented!Well done!!!
That's very nice of you!, hope you'll vote for it!
This is brilliant!
This is absolute amazing!!!Well done!!!
Glad you three liked it!
This is awsome! How long did it take you to make this?
Actually making them was not really that hard!But thinking them up was the hard part!As it was quite hard to figure out which arrangement of these clothespins would give me the best weapons!<br>Glad you liked it!Hope you will vote for it in the Launch It Challenge!

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