Mini Drill Press


Introduction: Mini Drill Press

Take two gears made ​​of wood, one rotational and one linear, allowing movement of the drill, which is attached to two drawer guides that give stability and rigidity.
The movement is executed with a lever that is connected to a return spring.
It's easy to do and can be very useful, such as working with printed circuit boards ....
The last two pictures are an image of the gears before I painted.



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    so cute, but not enough detail on construction

    While I'm sure it works fine, proper tooth shape for a rack is straight-sided at the pressure angle. To make generation of rack/pinion geometries easier, has a gear geometry calculator.

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    Hi, I use an extensión of inkscape, gear generator, works fine. Thanks forma comment.

    Needs mor instruction

    This looks like a very useful tool. Can you provide an illustration and/or step-by-step with parts list so that I can better understand how you did it?