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 Hi guys, i was moving around bits and bobs of stuff i've gathered a long the years, most parts where from printers, scanners, and fax machines, i got two rails, 3 nylon sliders, add a dremel, some zip ties, i got some wood from an old cupboard that broke, and some springs also found in printers, et voilá, a free mini drill press!

Step 1: Materials/tools

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 You will need:

- two steel rails/rods
- some nylon sliders(some printers use copper sliders, it's fine)
- a few zip ties(more zip ties = sturdier)
- a bit of wood, for the base
- springs, the same diameter as the steel sliders(optional, but IMO it looks and performs better with them)
- A dremel tool

- A drill, I used a cordless one...
- Hammer.


A very simple idea but great for me to make drill press for my hand drill . Thanhk you for your sharing . vidiati

Great idea- I wonder if it would be possible to expand the concept to a hand drill?
solarvolt2 years ago
You gave me a good idea to start my own. Great Job!!
Irock1484 years ago
hey what's the model of that driil
you need a drill press to accuratly drill the wood straight
twighahn4 years ago
enter the dremel contest
the steel rods like a little bit close to the bit. wouldnt you run into problems if you had to drill a whole in the middle of a 4 inch wide
jtobako5 years ago
A simple version of the 'Fonly drill press ('f only I had...)