Picture of Mini drill press for free.
 Hi guys, i was moving around bits and bobs of stuff i've gathered a long the years, most parts where from printers, scanners, and fax machines, i got two rails, 3 nylon sliders, add a dremel, some zip ties, i got some wood from an old cupboard that broke, and some springs also found in printers, et voilá, a free mini drill press!

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Step 1: Materials/tools

Picture of Materials/tools
mini drill press (4).JPG
 You will need:

- two steel rails/rods
- some nylon sliders(some printers use copper sliders, it's fine)
- a few zip ties(more zip ties = sturdier)
- a bit of wood, for the base
- springs, the same diameter as the steel sliders(optional, but IMO it looks and performs better with them)
- A dremel tool

- A drill, I used a cordless one...
- Hammer.

Step 2: Drill your piece of wood

Picture of Drill your piece of wood
 Use a drill bit slightly smaller in diameter than your steel rod.

Step 3: Add the nylon sliders to your dremel tool

Picture of Add the nylon sliders to your dremel tool
 Mine had a nice ridge to hold it snuggly.

Step 4: Insert your steel rail

Picture of Insert your steel rail
 With a hammer

Step 5: Make another hole for your second steel rod and fit it in there!

Picture of make another hole for your second steel rod and fit it in there!
 Then add the springs, and spacers, some may need more, and some may need less spacers, depending on how long/short your dremel is, and the dremel drill bit you're using.

Step 6: Tadaa, you're done

Picture of tadaa, you're done
 It may not be very sturdy, but so far it's been better than no drill press, this is the first version, i'll make another version wich will be sturdier, and better.